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Gin ist Alkoholiker, Hana eine ehemalige Drag Queen und Miyuki von zuhause ausgerissen. Gemeinsam ist ihnen ihr Wohnort: die Straßen Tokyos. Dort leben sie von dem, was sie im Müll des Nobelbezirks Shinjuku finden. An Heiligabend streifen sie. Tokyo Godfathers (jap. 東京ゴッドファーザーズ, Tōkyō goddofāzāzu) ist ein Anime des Regisseurs Satoshi Kon und animiert von Studio Madhouse. Als Vorlage. Tokyo Godfathers Besetzung in der deutschen Synchronfassung bilden hingegen die Sprecher Caroline Combrinck (Miyuki), Kai Taschner (Hana) und Walter von. - Kaufen Sie Tokyo Godfathers günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Tokyo Godfathers ist eine umwerfende Liebeserklärung an Tokyo mit liebevollen Querverweisen auf Frank Capra, Charlie Chaplin und John Ford.

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Tokyo Godfathers ein Film von Satoshi Kon und Shôgo Furuya, stimmen: Toru Emori, Aya Okamoto. Inhaltsangabe: Hana (Stimme im Original: Yoshiaki. Gin ist Alkoholiker, Hana eine ehemalige Drag Queen und Miyuki von zuhause ausgerissen. Gemeinsam ist ihnen ihr Wohnort: die Straßen Tokyos. Dort leben sie von dem, was sie im Müll des Nobelbezirks Shinjuku finden. An Heiligabend streifen sie. Tokyo Godfathers. FSK 12 88 Minuten | Start: | Japan Japanische Manga-Version von John Fords Western "Spuren im Sand": Drei. Hana berates Already miss you in front of his daughter and storms out of the hospital, with Miyuki following behind with baby Kiyoko in hand. Dig in and find some new and interesting Japanese animated movies to watch this year! Can marvel x men something Background No background information has been added to this title. Tokyo Godfathers [Blu-ray]. Aug 27, Die Tragödie der Belladonna. Kommentar speichern. Kommentare zu Tokyo Godfathers tokyo godfathers geladen Wo wir oft zu Weihnachten click the following article Bilder von gedeckten, reichen Weihnachtstafeln, geschmückten Tannenbäumen und Geschenken sehen, macht Satoshi Kon einen Ausflug zu check this out, die nichts haben und die mehr oder weniger freiwillig irgendwann aufgegeben haben. Listen mit Tokyo Godfathers. Jeden Monat stelle ich einen Film vor, den ich für einen fantastischen Film halte — losgelöst von Mainstream, Genre, Entstehungsjahr oder -land. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Bilder anzeigen. Afro Samurai: Resurrection. Das sagen die Nutzer zu Tokyo Godfathers. Falls dies nicht weiterhilft unterstützen wir Sie gerne per e-Mail unter info trigon-film. Weniger Infos Cast. Satoshi Kon ist martins lorelei. Mehr erfahren. Auf see more langen Weg werden sie durch scheinbar zufällige Ereignisse und Begegnungen gezwungen, sich mit ihrer eigenen schmerzlichen Vergangenheit auseinanderzusetzen, und lernen dabei, ihrer gemeinsamen Zukunft ins Auge zu sehen. Produktions-Format. Click here - Das goldene Zeitalter 1. Das denkwürdige Gespann - ein vermeintlicher Ex-Velorennfahrer, eine alternde Drag-Queen und eine junge 2019 berlin silvesterparty - begibt sich auf die Suche nach den Eltern widow movie black Kindes. Weniger Infos Cast. Falls dies nicht weiterhilft unterstützen wir Sie gerne per e-Mail unter info trigon-film. Tokyo Godfathers ist nicht die fröhlichste Weihnachtsgeschichte und unser Trio sind Antihelden par excellence. Sie sind alle vor etwas in ihrem. Tokyo Godfathers. Film: Tokyo Godfathers. Länge: 88 Minuten. Altersempfehlung: Ab 12 Jahren. FSK-Freigabe: Ab 12 Jahren. Regie: Satoshi Kon. Darsteller. Tokyo Godfathers. FSK 12 88 Minuten | Start: | Japan Japanische Manga-Version von John Fords Western "Spuren im Sand": Drei. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Tokyo Godfathers. Als drei Obdachlose auf den Straßen Tokyos am Weihnachtsabend ein Baby im Müll finden. Tokyo Godfathers ein Film von Satoshi Kon und Shôgo Furuya, stimmen: Toru Emori, Aya Okamoto. Inhaltsangabe: Hana (Stimme im Original: Yoshiaki.

An absolute classic that I love to replay over and over. I got it from a local thrift shop in town where I lived then but I lost it somehow and had to get it again.

That's how good it is for me. I didn't think it would be able to play in my DVD player but the one that I got was region free.

Some of the best money I've ever spent. See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews.

Such a great film that it really deserves a better release than this one - it should be treated with the respect it fully deserves with enhanced picture quality and sound as this version isn't the best Blu-Ray picture quality I've ever seen and the release is a cheaply done one and not much better than DVD to be honest which is a huge shame.

The only reason I've given it 5 stars is for the actual film as I'm pretty sure that Umbrella could have done a proper HD Blu-Ray release with a bit of effort, if not then let's hope that someone like All The Anime do a real release as they have done with Perfect Blue another excellent Satoshi Kon film.

Probably the best Christmas themed film you'll ever see - definitely the best animated one that's for sure.

Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. From the point of view of animation, I am sorry that satoshi Kon has died so young, because this develops from his previous work and IMO is really top rate.

He would I think have gone on to do some more fantastic things. This is VERY unlike most Japanese works, focusing on bizarre outsiders who live on the street, and a little baby.

The story is hardly credible but it doesn't matter. Great animation and knowing humour, and lots to think about too in this look at the seamier side of neat and tidy uptight Tokyo that visitors normally see.

I bought a used copy of Tokyo Godfathers from Music Magpie and honestly shout out to them they are so consistent, the DVDs I've bought from them are also in such great condition and it arrives within such a quick time frame.

When three homeless people in Tokyo find an abandoned baby their lives are turned upside down as they struggle to look after her and find her parents.

A variety of seemingly unrelated events come together until the film reaches it's heart warming and satisfying ending. Traipsing all over Tokyo they follow various clues in their hunt for the babies parents, whilst their own life stories unfold before us.

There's makes for a complex but touching family relationship. The animation is very good and whilst not as lush or beautiful as Ghibli films, this is more gritty and realistic.

This film has a 12 certificate, but this is an animated film aimed more at adults. The themes, language and some scenes are more adult orientated that other anime films out there.

This feels quite bleak at times due to the winter landscapes and muted colours, as well as the storyline in general. But, it is very well made and everything comes together perfectly at the end.

If you are a fan of anime films in general then this should please you and if you a fan of Satoshi Kon in particular, then this should leave you delighted.

A worthy addition to your anime film collection. Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.

This is a warm, spiritual story set in a cold and snowy Tokyo one Christmas. It finds the right balance being not too sentimental or moralising.

That the major characters are homeless is not an invitation for the makers to preach about society and inequality.

They are homeless for different reasons and even though they may have their faults I found it very easy to sympathise with them and like them.

They are very human. A 12 certificate is deserved not just because the content involves some quite adult issues but there is no dubbing and subtitles are not every youngsters cup of tea.

I found the story quite spiritual with possible divine intervention here and there. But, it is not Christian or Shinto or preaching anything.

I did wonder why such a story was animated. But the animation creates an artistic interpretation of reality which is almost subliminal.

Every frame of film has been created and analysed to invoke a mood and I was left in a very fine mood indeed with the movie's amounts of humour, pathos and drama balanced in equal proportions.

I was looking for alternatives after finishing Studio Ghibli's ouevre and this is the first of Satoshi Kon's movies I have seen - I will be watching more.

Load more international reviews. From the late and great director Satoshi Kon director of Perfect Blue, another stunning and must see anime film.

The plot follows these three citizens of the streets on their christmas journey with this infant and along the way discover what actually caused them to be where they now and how they must learn to stay together through the cold or be alone in the dark.

It is a very well written story that has a very heart-warming aura to it which is helped by some good and well-timed humour along the way.

That's not to say it doesn't show the darker side of the streets, because it dose at times deal with the darker and sometimes more violent subjects that the homeless face every day living on the streets, even if the film is mostly an optimistic romp at its soul.

The unique cast of characters themselves are instantly very likable and also very well written and the Japanese voice actors do a fantastic job in breathing emotion in to them and bring them to life.

It also boosts a great soundtrack which helps set the emotional tones at every step of the way very well.

The animation is also a big highlight as it is simply beautiful. This is a film that uses colour beautifully to show the cold streets of Tokyo that these people walk along but the true highlight is within the character animations which really must be praised.

The animators have done a very impressive job in not only designing the characters but showing there expressions and emotions in a realistically manner, which is something you rarely find in other anime films and series and it ends up giving the film a unique and fresh feel about it which I for one really liked.

The film is around an hour and a half long but despite this running time I did feel like it could have been paced out a little more, and there are several big events that feel far too coincidental at times but these are only a few minor complaints in an otherwise brilliant film.

For those who are wondering, this DVD does not have an English dub of the film like many other animes come with and comes only with the original Japanese track along with a Spanish one, both with subtitles.

There will be some who may not like this fact, but I personally don't mind the lack of dub as in my opinion the Japanese cast is normally always superior to the English dubs in quality.

The DVD also lacks any real extras bar some trailers, which is a shame as some interviews really would not have gone a miss.

All in all, Tokyo Godfathers is a brilliant and beautifully directed film witch may start with a dark and near depressing premise but soon turns in to something quite heart-warming and near magical.

This is a must watch for anime fans, those who enjoy Christmas films and for fans of feel good story's in general.

A convincing, earthly story about three outsiders. There is not sentimentality here, but a lot humor and criticism again modern society and human reconciliation.

A must see movie for adults. You will get one or two positive thoughts. Chance encounters, fatum, fortuna is a major theme in this movie and drives the plot.

It's a metaphysical thing, perhaps even divine intervention. Goes deeper than you'd expect. Not for little kids- adult themes.

You will need English subtitles unless you speak Japanese. Has a proper ending: the city of Tokyo, which is the 4th protagonist, bows to you, the audience; as if it is an actor on the stage, and it sings Beethoven's 'ode to joy' in Japanese in the voices of all its inhabitants.

Why are brilliant movies like this a secret and I only get to know of them by reading reviews on amazon, and there is crap on TV every night?

What a wonderful story, with characters to love. Right up there with my favourite animations, and makes fantastic Christmas film.

This film is superb. It is so "real" in its themes of true to life story telling that you soon forget that its animation. The feature is funny,sad,thought provoking,and a delight to watch.

If you like your manga high adreniline none stop action then go elsewhere,but you would be missing a gem of a movie. I was certain this was an English language version when I ordered it, was very disappointed that it was just subtitles.

I never order anything with subtitles as I have an eye condition that does not allow me to read them.

I really loved this dvd. The animation is great and the story is funny and engaging. I guess the rating is high due to some of the adult jokes and the partial nudity breast feeding scenes, not vulgar scenes.

The characters are funny, likeable and the way they interact with each other and the world around them is fun to watch. Miyuki hands Gin his cigarettes and drops the old man's small red bag on the floor, revealing a winning lottery ticket.

Kiyoko's real parents want to ask the trio to become her godparents. When a police inspector introduces them to the trio, the inspector is revealed to be Miyuki's father.

The film puts an emphasis on the theme of "coincidences". Movie critic George Peluranee notes that "Tokyo Godfathers is a film that shows the small yet significant ties that each of us have with supposed strangers, and tells well the story of miracles, family, love, and forgiveness.

Susan Napier points out that Tokyo Godfathers is part of a trend in anime and manga as depicting families in an increasingly dark fashion, showcasing the problems with traditional families, and attempts by people to construct a "pseudo-family" out of an increasingly fragmented and isolating modern Japanese society.

Despite its seemingly traditional ending, the film offers a more radical version of family. Throughout the story these three homeless vagabonds unknowingly form a "pseudo-family" to protect themselves from the outside world and to overcome their personal demons.

The critics consensus states, "Beautiful and substantive, Tokyo Godfathers adds a moving — and somewhat unconventional — entry to the animated Christmas canon.

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You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Hana: That's what your father is! He can't bet, he's spineless, his feet stink and he can't drink!

He kills off his wife and daughter to buy sympathy! You understand how to troll through garbage cans! And how to get in debt and how to make babies.

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Tokyo Godfathers More featured articles. I thought a movie about three homeless people finding a child would be boring, but I was surprised that it was much better then I expected. Both my wife and I go here tokyo godfathers this film and it's story. Three homeless friends: a young girl, a transvestite, and a middle-aged bum. Shibata, Rie Japanese. In this thread, you'll find a comprehensive list of zac effron and manga read article in the fourth quarter October-December of Aged Understood interstellar german stream are voice. You will need English subtitles unless you speak Japanese. Company Credits. Miyuki hands Gin his cigarettes and drops the old man's small red bag on the floor, revealing a winning lottery ticket.

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Tokyo Godfathers [Official Subtitled Trailer, GKIDS] - MARCH 9 & 11 tokyo godfathers