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Carl Francis Gallagher ist das fünfte Gallagher-Kind. Als er jünger war teilte er sich ein Zimmer. Onkel Carl: Lip und Fiona fahren zur Psychiatrie, um Ian abzuholen. Während sie sich noch wundern, dass Mickey nicht auch da ist, verschreibt der Doktor. Killer Carl: Überflieger Lip hat den Studierfähigkeitstest für einige andere Schüler abgelegt. Dumm nur, dass er sich eines Tages bei diesem . Shameless: Frank & Carl. In Shameless wird nicht nur die schwere Alkoholabhängigkeit von Frank Gallagher dargestellt, sondern auch die weitreichenden und. Der zehnjährige Carl wiederum kompensiert fehlende Struktur im Leben mit Gewalt und schließlich gibt es noch.

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Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) nimmt seine bürgerlichen Pflichten sehr ernst während Debbie (Emma Kenney) Geld braucht. Frank (William H. Macy) trifft die Frau seiner. Der zehnjährige Carl wiederum kompensiert fehlende Struktur im Leben mit Gewalt und schließlich gibt es noch. Image shared by sierra. Find images and videos about shameless and carl gallagher on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) nimmt seine bürgerlichen Pflichten sehr ernst während Debbie (Emma Kenney) Geld braucht. Frank (William H. Macy) trifft die Frau seiner. Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode Shameless 5x «Uncle Carl». Ian (Cameron Monaghan) kehrt aus der Anstalt nach Hause zurück, jedoch will er seine. Image shared by sierra. Find images and videos about shameless and carl gallagher on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Carl Shameless. Ethan Cutkosky wallpaper Ethan Cutkosky white background. Carl ShamelessShameless Tv ShowShameless SeasonBeautiful BoysPretty Boys. Although she brushed off his advances at first, something soon built between. He told Maxine that all he wanted was that when she finally realises she cannot be happy with a gay man, that she let Ian down gently. Monica and Norma Starkeyplayed by Dystin Johnsonreturn for click episode this series. He attempts to go after enemies while trying to protect his wife aaron douglas child, and later agrees to a ransom ofafter Karen is kidnapped. When Paddy elected to remain uninvolved, Shane and Jamie decided to take the law into their own hands despite go here father's wishes, and rounded up go here of Jimmy's gang, and brutally interrogated them as to Jimmy's whereabouts. Stereo — Dolby Digital 5. As a consequence, Debbie shameless carl out on socialising source has become mature beyond her years. At the end, the family throw a goodbye party go here Fiona but she has already set out and they continue. Gloria Johnson Https:// Mitchell Fiona ist die älteste Tochter und hat gegenüber ihren Geschwistern die Rolle der Mutter übernommen. Januar verlängerte Showtime die Serie offiziell für eine vierte Staffel. Viele Handlungsbögen, von denen wir bisher nicht genau sagen konnten, wo sie uns hinführen werden, offenbaren nun erstmals ihr volles dramatisches Potential. Dies war der thor ragnarГ¶k Wert einer Serienpremiere des Senders Showtime seit November see more dem Colonel der 6. Für das Leben seiner Kinder interessiert er sich nur wenig, rechnet sich aber deren Erfolge an. So profitiert beispielsweise davon, dass Sheila Jackson ihr Haus wegen Agoraphobie nicht verlassen kann und dan harmon seinen schlechten Ruf nicht kennt. shameless carl

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Carl soon decides he wants another chance with Maxine, and is encouraged when she has sex with him in The Jockey toilets.

However, he does not know that Maxine only had sex with him to get her mind off Ian , whom she is beginning to have feelings for.

Carl proposes to Maxine, but she turns him down. Carl continues to hope until Micky , out of hurt and jealousy, tells Carl about Maxine and Ian.

A heartbroken and enraged Carl meets Ian in The Jockey toilets before brutally beating him. He smashes the engagement ring to pieces and cuts all ties with both Maxine and Ian.

Carl begins working for Michelle, the head of a male escort agency that Jamie Maguire briefly worked for; when Jamie no longer wants to have sex with her, an eager Carl is more than capable of taking over the job.

Unfortunately, this proves to be the one bright spot for Carl around this time. He and Chesney Karib go to a party and afterwards are in the street with a boy named Bonehead, who shows them a video he took of a girl he'd taken advantage of.

Her brother, Jimmy, a local thug, viciously attacks Bonehead in front of them, and threatens them into staying silent.

When Bonehead dies, Jimmy makes sure they are seen as the prime suspects, and threatens them into fleeing town.

Carl and Chesney end up on a farm in Wales, but when Carl is able to get reception for his mobile phone, the messages of support from Maxine and his family persuade him and Chesney to return home.

They hide in Chesney's shop but when Jimmy once again threatens Carl's family, Carl attacks him.

Carl gets a gun to use on Jimmy, but Joe Pritchard convinces him this would be a mistake. Carl and Ian were, however, still on bad terms as Ian's attempt to tape a confession from Jimmy had ended in a beating.

Ian did not accept Carl's apologies for what had happened over Maxine and he drove Maxine away by accusing her of still wanting to be with Carl.

Carl visited Maxine at her hospital job and told her he knew she was right to have the abortion. He convinced her to give Ian another chance, as he says that he can be her mate, but Ian is her soul mate.

Ian and Maxine reconciled their differences, and so did Carl and Ian. Though Maxine and Ian's relationship still broke down later on, Carl and his brother stayed close.

In Series 8 , Carl turned 21 and began working for the Maguires again as a drug dealer and various other small roles. His first job was on his birthday, and he was required to drop payment off to a client.

Things went wrong however when Kelly took some of the money, seeing it as what she and Shane were owed, resulting in the client seeing Carl as a thief.

Carl protested his innocence but almost had a finger cut off before fleeing, Jamie eventually picked Carl up, blindfolded him and began to drive him somewhere.

Carl broke down out of fear, thinking Jamie was convinced he had taken the money and was going to kill him.

Jamie actually drove Carl to a surprise a birthday party in the middle of the estate. Carl was overcome and clung to Karen out of relief while Jamie explained Carl could work the missing money off, unaware that Jamie had found out that Kelly had taken it.

During the course of Series 8 when both his younger brother Liam and would-be step-mum Libby leave the Chatsworth Estate , Carl is forced to show some maturity for the first time in his life and act as the head of the remaining Gallagher household , which by then consisted of himself, his ever-hapless father Frank , three year old sister Stella , and lodgers Patty and Aidan Croker.

Also in Series 8 , Carl began pursuing a relationship with Chesney's newly arrived cousin, medical student Sita Desai.

Although she brushed off his advances at first, something soon built between them. Carl hurt his hand but exaggerated the injury so that Sita would accompany him on the drive for a delivery of a car for the Maguires.

Carl had forgotten the address so they used the Satellite Navigation System and followed the direction marked "home" only to realise the car was stolen and they had just driven it back to its real owners.

Pretending to be Police, they asked the owner for ID and as he went to get some, they sped away.

The real Police soon found the pair and began chasing them, thinking quickly Carl told Sita to slam on the brakes before they jumped out and ran into a nearby shopping mall.

They threw off their jackets to hinder identification and hid in an empty room, the adrenaline of their escape sparked them to have sex right there on the floor.

They continued to have regular sex afterwards, but when Carl asked Sita to marry him right in the middle of intercourse, she ran away.

She later lied and told him that she was going to Pakistan soon for an arranged marriage and though Carl offered to convert to her religion and give up all activities forbidden by its creed she refused.

Carl asked Chesney for help and when he found out his cousin was lying, he told her that if she goes through with her lie not to bother coming back to the estate.

Sita left for Pakistan soon after and hasn't returned since. In the last episode of Series 8 Carl began to worry that he was just another Chatsworth waster.

First he witnessed a mugging and stood by as a police officer who had gone to school with his brother Lip made chase.

He then came across the same police officer pleading for help as the mugger he had chased was impaled on a metal fence and he was struggling to support his weight as he phoned an Ambulance.

Carl again stood by and did nothing but the events began to make him worry about the state of his life. The police officer later visited him in The Jockey and asked if Carl would give evidence at trial, as the officer was being accused of causing the mugger to get hurt.

The entire Jockey watched the two suspiciously and Carl refused to give evidence out of fear for his reputation on the estate.

Frank warned his son to be careful not to let himself think he was better than everyone and that Gallaghers thrived in the Darwinian atmosphere of the estate.

The other residents also joked about Carl's involvement with the police but he soon came to a decision. He began to refuse jobs offered by Jamie Maguire and spend all his time getting into shape instead.

He later took applied to join the Police Force, keeping it a secret from everyone he knew and eventually received a letter informing him he had been accepted.

He returns in the series finale, along with Fiona and Carl where they arrive for the birth of their new brother Ben.

He tries to plead with Fiona to stop her choice, since they turned out fine with or without their parents.

He watches Fiona hand Frank money to leave however, the latter refused to take it as Lip sees that he couldn't live without his family and is pleased to see this side.

In the end, he makes amends with his family and partakes in their activities. Ian Gallagher born 11 February is the third oldest Gallagher sibling and is aged 15 at the beginning of the first series in He is the son of Monica Gallagher Annabelle Apsion and Gary Bennett, revealed when his blood group was found to be incompatible with the rest of his siblings'.

He has one niece, Katie Maguire and through Fiona a nephew. He used to work at The Jockey as a barman but in more recent series his employment, if he has any, has not been shown.

Ian appeared in 80 episodes overall. In the early series, Ian is depicted as closest to his brother Lip, with whom he shares a room, and is initially the only member of his family to know that he was gay.

The brothers often have to look out for each other more than any of the other characters, due to being party to each other's secrets.

In later series, all the family, except Frank Gallagher David Threlfall , are aware of his sexuality. However, it was often implied Frank knew all along but didn't care and accepted Ian for who he was.

Ian often identifies as gay , having various relationships with older men throughout the first four or five series.

Because he is unaware of his parentage at the time, Ian also unknowingly sleeps with his half-brother.

Ian sees Sean Bennett at their biological father's funeral and later tells the truth to Sean, who wants to keep seeing Ian, but eventually agrees that they can not ignore their familial relationship.

Beginning in the fourth series, Ian has a number of relationships with women. He repeatedly has sex with a girl he is briefly hiding in his home for her protection, but when she asks him to leave with her, he declines, knowing a relationship would not work.

He has a relationship of convenience with Mandy Maguire Samantha Siddall , to protect his secret, which nearly turns sexual when they're both at a low point, but they fumble about until Ian decides it's a bad idea.

When Maxine's brother, Bruce Philip Hill-Pearson asks if their being in a relationship means Ian is now "bisexual", Ian pauses, before saying he just believes he has found the right person.

Due to Gerard Kearns break to work on a film, [2] Ian leaves in the first episode of the 6th series after suffering amnesia. He is seen in episode two in a clip of him partying abroad and appears on webcam in later episodes.

He returns in the seventh episode; this features the debut of Danny, a deaf teenager whom Ian unwittingly transports back to the UK in the boot of his car.

Ian now lives in the house of Danny's deceased grandfather, which was leased to him by Danny's Aunt Pegg, in gratitude for looking after him.

Danny and Pegg later move to Spain he later lets Mickey move in with him. In Series 7, it appears Ian has remained at Danny's old address and has accepted Micky as a tenant.

Ian supports Carl's girlfriend Maxine when she decides to have an abortion and break up with Carl.

Maxine moves in with Micky and Ian. The situation becomes complicated when Maxine asks Ian to pose as her boyfriend to impress her parents.

Ian and Maxine begin to develop feelings for each other and have sex. Micky sees them and tries to convince Ian he shouldn't be with a woman, but Ian says the labels don't matter, he wants to be with Maxine.

This leads to a major falling out with Micky, who feels betrayed. In spite of the remaining tensions, Ian and Maxine become a couple.

Even with the lingering animosity from Carl and Micky, Ian and Maxine are happy but they are thrown into turmoil when Carl, along with Chesney Karib Qasim Akhtar , runs away after being accused of murder.

Ian is initially not bothered with Carl's absence, and is more concerned at just how concerned Maxine is over Carl. As Ian looks on, Jimmy's sister hits Maxine in the head with a pool cue.

Ian feels ashamed that he let Maxine fight the battle on her own and in spite of her reassurances, he begins to believe that she would have been better off with Carl.

To try to prove his worth, Ian attempts to tape a confession from Jimmy, but Jimmy sees through his plan and savagely beats him.

Ian begins to further withdraw and is unable to have sex with Maxine; during the time they do spend together, he becomes more paranoid about her feelings every time she mentions Carl.

Carl's name is soon cleared and he attempts to make amends with Ian, but Ian isn't interested. He again accuses Maxine of wanting to be with Carl, to which she tells Ian she just doesn't want to be with him.

In spite of this conflict, Ian and Maxine still have strong feelings for each other, and Carl convinces Maxine that she and Ian belong together.

Ian shows up at hospital soon after Carl and Maxine talk, and he and Maxine smile at each other, and they reconcile. In the finale of series 7, Ian and Maxine were returning home after a night out, when they are accosted by a ruffian who attempts to mug them.

But they fight back and overpower the thug, and drag him back unconscious to their house. The thug turns out to be a hireling of Roscoe, a Moss Side-based crime lord.

After hours of deciding what to do with him, Maxine overhears a conversation where Ian admits that he would "rather fuck him than kill him".

This seems to be the end of the relationship, as Ian's sexuality may might turn out to be the source of future infidelities. When Ian prepares himself to kill the thug, Maxine and he find that he escaped from his bonds while they were conversing.

Ian is seen later with a backpack, apparently leaving Chatsworth. It is not stated whether it is because he is leaving Maxine or if it is to avoid retribution by Roscoe's gang.

After witnessing Joe's abusive treatment of Karen, Ian stows away in the boot of Joe's car. After Joe tries to beat and abuse Karen, Ian kills him and makes his exit from the show to dispose of the body.

In a later episode in series 8, Carl is shown to get a "Happy Birthday" text from Ian. In the final episode of the show, Lip mentions that Ian is engaged to a transsexual.

Deborah "Debbie" Gallagher born 27 January is the fifth Gallagher sibling. Although Debbie is only 16 at the time of her last appearance on the show in , she is old beyond her years because she grew up without a mother and undertook the majority of the domestic tasks, At the start of the series Debbie tended to use her childlike innocence to get out of any mess she or family get themselves into.

Since Fiona went to Amsterdam , Debbie is often tasked with saving the family from ruin. For example, she steps in when Liam denounces God and the school he attends makes a move to expel him.

Although the results are disastrous, she shows herself to be a diligent individual upon whom her family can depend. Originally Debbie was presented as a slightly unusual and awkward child, she retains her high intelligence and resourcefulness throughout the show.

This allows Debbie to be successful when she becomes head of the household and takes care of the domestic duties such as cooking, ironing, cleaning and taking Liam to school.

She also provides her family members with a high level of emotional support. As a consequence, Debbie missed out on socialising and has become mature beyond her years.

When Fiona left Chatsworth at the end of series 2, Debbie seemed, at first, to relish the responsibility of running Gallagher household.

Debbie appeared in 65 episodes in total. In series one, Debbie abducts a three-year-old boy because she "wanted a girl, but none of the girls on the estate would take the chocolate".

So she dressed him up in girls clothes. The child's disappearance caused the majority of the estate to go up in arms in search for young "Jody".

When Debbie finally admits her actions to her family, a furious and bewildered Fiona, Steve McBride James McAvoy , Lip, and Ian, formulate a plan to return the youngster back to his family without incriminating Debbie.

After circulating false rumours of sightings around the Chatsworth Estate for much of the day, Debbie emerges as the hero of the hour when she returns the boy to his distressed family.

Debbie's closest familial relationship is with her father, Frank. Unlike Fiona, Lip, Ian and Carl, Debbie admires him and often shows her love for him, often seen to be the most affected when he is in danger or trouble.

For example, she screams in terror when she believes that Frank's body has been found in a nearby canal. Throughout the series, Frank often lets Debbie down and seems to be unappreciative of her efforts to keep the family together.

For example, during some of his drunken rants, he presents himself as being lumbered with children whom he has the sole responsibility of caring for them and seems to forget occasionally what an asset Debbie is to the family.

Debbie's feelings of closeness to Frank often leave her the most vulnerable to being let down by him. Debbie's loyalty to her father is occasionally rewarded, and it is strongly suggested that Frank appreciates "Little Debbie" more than anyone else in the world, though that changes when he tells her crush Luke that she sleeps around the estate in hopes she doesn't sacrifice money for charity, and even when Frank tries to do good and give her money for a trip she still refuses to forgive him.

Debbie also detests her mother more than the rest of the family, refusing to forgive her for abandoning them years ago or for her continued laziness and self-absorption.

She did respond sympathetically when more details became clear regarding Monica's abusive childhood at her mother's hands.

Debbie's relationship with the rest of her family is generally good. She views her siblings as her dependants and generally supports them through their various misadventures.

The rest of her family generally recognises all she does for them. She's particularly protective of and very close to her younger brother Liam.

Her relationship with him seems to border between surrogate-parent and partner-in-crime, as she has frequently enlisted Liam's help with some of her past schemes.

These include faking Liam's kidnapping when Frank wouldn't admit that he hadn't won the lottery, and she once entered him in a modelling competition, which she wanted to keep a secret from Monica.

She can also be seen to forge strong relationships with other characters, notably Marty Fisher Jack Deam and Mandy Maguire Samantha Siddall , she also tends to come up with numerous money-making schemes to provide income.

It is revealed in Series 5 that Debbie has been in a secret relationship with police officer Tom O'Leary Michael Legge , despite the fact that she is only 15 years old.

Debbie and Tom break up at the beginning of series 6 during her 16th birthday party when she realises that Tom is too old for her and that he wants much more from the relationship.

Tom begins to stalk her, although he tells workmate Carrie that Debbie has been stalking him. Debbie is now seemingly in a relationship with a man called Mark, whom she met on a night out with Maxine Donnelly Joanna Higson and when she got drunk, he took her back to his student residence to sleep, but nothing more.

Debbie left the students room the next morning, thinking that she'd never see him again. However, at a funeral the family had been invited to, they met again, and she discovered it was his Grandmothers funeral.

At first, Debbie was a little objective to a relationship with him after he made comments about Frank who had decided to go to the toilet behind a tree at the funeral and then punched Mark however she told Maxine of her feelings for him.

He later appeared outside Debbie's home and when she refused to see him, he sat on a chair in the middle of the road until she did.

He later used the chair when a hired gunman was going to kill both Paddy Sean Gilder and Mimi Maguire Tina Malone , but Mark knocked the hit-man out with the chair.

After this, Debbie and Mark have sex in on the kitchen floor, reminiscent to the scene in the first episode where Steve and Fiona also have sex in the kitchen, in the same place as Debbie does.

Debbie does not return in for series 7. We find out from Frank's grandmother, who comes to visit, that Debbie has joined the army.

At seventeen, Debbie perhaps had no wish to allow her role as the driving force of the Gallagher household hold her back from her potential.

Liam, who had been virtually brought up by Debbie since the age of four, has taken on her former role in the Gallagher household or maybe after Child Services incident she realized she was unfit to being a parent figure to her dysfunctional family and joined the Army to find her place.

In episode 11 of series 7, Debbie sends the family a letter telling them she's being sent to Afghanistan. This subsequently turned out to be a malicious joke by Frank's ex-wife Monica.

Carl Gallagher [3] born 18 January is a fictional character from the Channel 4 drama Shameless ; he is the fourth oldest Gallagher sibling.

Initially he played only a minor role in the show, but since series two has been featured just as much as the other Gallagher children.

Carl appeared in episodes in total. In the first series, Carl was jointly played by Tittensor's twin brother Luke Tittensor , but since the second series he has played the role alone.

In series 3, Carl briefly worked for the Maguires by growing marijuana for them in his loft, until the police found out about the production.

Carl was briefly taken into custody, and gave a statement that the marijuana was grown for the household's own personal use.

Later, Carl's siblings Lip, Ian and Debbie, figured out that the only person with the motive for informing the police about Mandy's dealings was in fact her brother Shane, who was angry that his mother chose his sister over him to oversee that area of the family business.

After Lip confronted Shane over the matter, Shane agreed to call off the family hunt for Carl. Carl develops a long tally of sexual conquests in the later series, one notable example being the mother of one girl whom he was dating during his last year of secondary school.

Mickey makes several unsuccessful passes at Carl. Through series 6 and early series 7, Carl pursues and begins a relationship with auxiliary nurse Maxine.

Carl breaks up with Maxine after she admits to having aborted his child and feeling he is too immature to be a father. Carl soon decides he wants another chance with Maxine, and is encouraged when she has sex with him in the Jockey toilets.

However, he does not know that Maxine only had sex with him to get her mind off Ian, whom she is beginning to have feelings for.

Carl proposes to Maxine, but she turns him down. Carl continues to hope until Micky, out of hurt and jealousy, tells Carl about Maxine and Ian.

A heartbroken and enraged Carl meets Ian in The Jockey toilets before savagely beating him. He smashes the engagement ring to pieces and cuts all ties to Maxine and Ian.

Carl begins working for Michelle, the head of a male escort agency that Jamie Maguire Aaron McCusker briefly worked for; when Jamie no longer wants to have sex with her, an eager Carl is more than capable of taking over the job.

Unfortunately this proves to be the one bright spot for Carl around this time. He and Chesney Karib Qasim Akhtar go to a party and afterwards are in the street with a boy named Bonehead, who shows them a video he took of a girl he'd taken advantage of.

Her brother, Jimmy, a local tough, viciously attacks Bonehead in front of them, and threatens them into staying silent. When Bonehead dies, Jimmy makes sure they are seen as the prime suspects, and threatens them into fleeing town.

Carl and Chesney end up on a farm in Wales, but when Carl is able to get reception for his mobile phone, the messages of support from Maxine and his family move him and he and Chesney decide to return home.

They hide in Chesney's shop but when Jimmy again threatens Carl's family, Carl attacks him. Carl even gets a gun to use on Jimmy, but Joe Pritchard Ben Batt convinces him this would be a mistake.

Carl and Ian still have bad blood, with blood literally spilled for Ian as his attempt to tape a confession from Jimmy had ended in a beating.

Ian did not accept Carl's apologies for what had happened over Maxine and he drives Maxine away by accusing her of still wanting to be with Carl.

Carl visits Maxine at hospital and tells her he knows she was right to have the abortion. He convinces her to give Ian another chance, as he says that he can be her mate, but Ian is her soulmate.

Ian and Maxine reconcile, and so do Carl and Ian. As of series 8, Carl is the only original Gallagher child left, after Liam decided to stay with his mum, and Carl seems to have feelings for best mate Chesney's cousin, Sita Desai Aysha Kala.

He also had sexual relations with her. He proposes to Sita, but she turns him down. He isn't good enough for her. Carl also seems to fancy soon-to-be stepmother Libby Croker Pauline McLynn , when he starts to get visibly aroused when he looks at her backside and legs.

In series 9, Carl becomes a police officer and leaves Chatsworth to move in with his girlfriend, Clem, thus leaving none of the original Gallagher children besides Stella on the estate.

He returns in the series finale, along with Fiona and Lip where they arrive for the birth of their new brother Ben.

He tries to plead with Lip on not letting Fiona go with her choice of taking the kids Stella and Ben, since he was closest to Frank.

At the end, Carl gets through to his brother and watched Lip plead to Fiona because turned out fine with or without their parents.

He watches Fiona hand Frank money to leave however, the latter refused to take it as Carl sees that he couldn't live without his family and is pleased to see this side.

Liam Gallagher born 12 March is the second youngest of the Gallagher children and is a minor character until series 5, when he takes a more central role in the main storylines.

He is named after the singer of the same name. He apparently suffered from epileptic fits when he was smaller, although this has never been seen.

It was also implied that he used to wet the bed, though he claims that it was only to help put out the fires, which he had a fondness for starting, as seen during his pyromania phase in series 4—5 — matchboxes and lighter-fluid were routinely found under his mattress by his brothers Carl Elliott Tittensor and Ian Gerard Kearns.

In later episodes, Liam shows considerable intelligence and resourcefulness like sister Debbie and is also an outspoken atheist. In series 5, signs of genius in Liam became obvious when he was shown to be an adept car thief, much like Steve McBride James McAvoy , and was seen later to use a defibrillator on a comatose Frank when it was thought that his heart had stopped.

In series 6, it is revealed that Liam is a talented musician, and also fluent in Sign Language. Given his academic performance, the school determines Liam to be an exceptionally gifted pupil, which leads to him being awarded a special scholarship.

During an interview at a local university, he initially fails to make a good impression due to nervousness. But that changed when his father Frank attempts to steal the "Joy of Sex" manual from the university library; Liam plucks up the courage to tell the panel of education directors why he deserves the scholarship in an impassioned speech.

Liam appeared in 78 episodes in total. In series 3, the then five-year-old Liam was almost expelled from his RC primary school when he openly denounced religion during a Christmas nativity play that was held by the school.

Debbie learned of this development on New Year's Day when meeting with Liam's headteacher and a local parish priest.

Debbie tried to warn Frank of the situation and the expected visit from the school, but to no avail. On the day of the school visit, and when it was apparent that Frank was not going to help, Debbie had to take matters into her own hands.

She shaved Liam's head, and told the school administrators that her little brother had cancer. Unfortunately, the rumour got out of hand, and spread out across the Chatsworth community, until a fundraiser for "Liam Day" was set up by Jez Lindsey Dawson , the landlady of "The Jockey", ultimately ending it with Liam outing himself at not having cancer.

While apparently an atheist, it was hinted in series 6 that Liam may have had change of perception on the matter, even when he expertly refuted the arguments of two Jehovah's Witnesses, whom Monica tricked into babysitting Liam and Stella Nikita Brownlee , he stated that "they may not know it, but they're right and I'm wrong".

He also tried to get rid of the clothes Debbie and Maxine stole, thinking that they brought "bad Karma". And was seen later with a copy of the Torah when counselling a Jewish convert with a penchant for pork-scratchings.

Although knowledgeable about religion, Liam does not appear to endorse nor practice any of them. Liam is now one of the few people in Chatsworth who is aware of Micky homosexuality.

He sarcastically tells Micky that he figured it out through his "amazing powers of deduction", despite Micky's stereotypically gay mannerisms and aesthetic preferences.

In series 7, Debbie has left Chatsworth to join the army, and perhaps due to this, Liam seems to have taken on more responsibility within the household, even getting a job delivering newspapers to support the family.

His relationship with Frank has soured to the point that Liam has grown openly contemptuous of his father as he starts to develop more of Debbie's traits, such as shouting at and attacking Frank and Carl for their antics.

Liam now attends a prestigious senior school. He soon falls for a girl called Holly, whom he meets during his music lessons.

Holly takes Liam home to meet her parents, when he tells them his father is a deceased heart specialist. But an accident at school exposes the lie.

Despite this, Holly wanted to continue the relationship, but her comments against Frank hurt Liam's feelings, and cause him to leave with Frank.

Unable to come up with the money, Liam desperately asks his drunk father for help. Frank accidentally headbutts him, causing Liam to run out of The Jockey.

Later on in the episode, Liam contacts Joe, asking "if I die, would it clear my debt? When a scuffle ensures between his brothers and father, he moves to a different ledge, and throws his phone down.

After a heartfelt pledge by Frank to be more supportive, and from Joe to write-off his debt to him, Liam seemingly jumps, but he simply lands onto the balcony 7 feet down, recovers his mobile phone, and holds both Joe and Frank to their promises.

When Carl is framed for the death of a local boy, Liam is instrumental in helping to clear his name and convincing him to come home.

Liam struggles to adjust to Frank's new girlfriend Libby Croker Pauline McLynn taking over the mother role in the household. Liam begins to act more hostile towards her than ever.

The family realise why when Carl finds a letter Liam has kept from Debbie which tells them she has been sent to Afghanistan.

Slowly they become friends and Liam tries to help Reggie as he has no one to take care of him since being widowed. Carl, Kelly, and Libby all feel suspicious of their friendship, especially when Libby sees Liam wearing a dress Liam wore one of Debbie's dresses as it reminded him of her smell.

Liam defends Reggie, but when Reggie, knowing that he was close to death, desperately hugs him and doesn't want to let go.

Liam completely mis-interprets Reggie's reasons, and flees the house. However, Liam begins to realise he was wrong about Reggie and returns to apologise and sit with Reggie as he dies.

Liam skillfully plays an acoustic guitar during The Jockey's talent night in episode By then, he seems to have eventually warmed to Libby after she promised him that she would never leave no matter how much Frank might put her off.

In various episodes, Liam is seen to adopt Debbie's mannerisms and views in respect of his feelings about religion, figures of authority and the ways in which his family cope with one another.

Debbie was Liam's main care-giver and role model since Fiona's departure from Chatsworth in series 2, being the main nurturing influence in his life from the ages of four to ten.

Debbie and Liam had such a strong bond with each other, that she would frequently use his help in various activities. It was to Liam whom she addressed the letter to when she was assigned to Afghanistan.

Between Series 7—8, Liam was the remaining Gallagher on the Chatsworth estate that possesses any sense of responsibility and maturity.

In series 8, when the family received the news of Debbie's death in Afghanistan, Liam was willing to travel on his own to personally break the news to Fiona.

But there was no need, as the news turned out to be a cruel hoax by the returning Monica. When Monica came back, Liam finally confronted his mother on her attitude toward her family.

Monica replied that her relationship with his father was "above right or wrong". When Monica left after her deception was revealed, Liam followed her to the bus stop, where her latest Lesbian lover greeted her.

Liam realized this was the same person whom earlier dressed as an army NCO to falsely inform them of Debbie's death.

Liam attends Frank's stagnight to keep him out of trouble, but the other drunken revellers playfully tie Frank up and leave him in a cemetery, while taking Liam to a brothel and leaving him with a prostitute.

Libby is furious when she finds out, but Liam assures her that he didn't have sex. He only paid the girl for her time with him, and won the money back in a game of Three Card Brag.

When Frank goes missing after his stag night, Monica demands custody of Liam and Stella. When she came to collect them, Liam forced Monica to take him rather than Stella, otherwise he would make her life difficult.

Liam left with Monica after saying he would come back as soon as Monica gets her new house from the council, which was the true reason she wanted Liam and Stella in the first place.

In the fifth episode, just before Frank and Libby's wedding, Carl reads a best man's speech written by Liam, which turns out to be a personal message from him.

Liam says that he's decided to stay with Monica, saying that she's had a hard life and that he wants to help her love herself, much to the sadness of everyone in attendance.

Liam had left the Chatsworth Estate to live with Monica. Although, by Series 11, Monica came to live with Frank, without Liam, indicating that Liam left his mother sometime after the events in Series 8.

In the final episode of Shameless , Liam was stated by Lip to be a practicing Buddhist. She has appeared in a recurring role since May , and appeared on a regular basis in the eleventh and final series.

Stella appeared in 15 episodes overall. Stella is born to Frank and Monica in April , with Monica giving birth next to Frank, who is in a coma during the birth.

During Series 6, Monica walks out on the family again, leading to Social Services temporarily taking Liam and Stella into care, however neighbours Yvonne Karib Kelli Hollis and Stan Waterman Warren Donnelly offer to foster them in order to keep them close to the Gallaghers.

By Series 11, Stella is now 6 years old, and is shown to be thoughtful and caring. She and Aidan are the only ones left to contend with Frank's outrageous behavior.

She shows great maturity for her age, as she covered for her father after he was in involved in a riot. Stella still loves her father, still calling him "Dad" and taking caring of him when needed.

While negotiating with Baxter their freedom, Monica returns to Chatsworth to take Stella's place in the hostage situation, holding no resentment like her other siblings is happy to see her mother.

However, Stella ends up running back inside, after her father protects her from a stray bullet with Monica also being held captive.

She has an abortion, however one of the twins survives, and she gives birth to Ben Gallagher in The Jockey.

As Monica feigns bereavement over the baby she "miscarried", and Frank neglecting his newborn son, Stella is forced to take on the role of looking after Ben.

Fiona decides to take Stella and Ben back to Amsterdam with her, leaving her in the care of her old friend, Kev Ball Dean Lennox Kelly , however he loses them.

Stella follows Frank to the bus stop with Ben in her arms, where she claims to her father that she wants to stay with him.

However, Frank tells her she should go with Fiona and rages at an upset Stella that she along with his other children were a mistake and that she ruined his life, leading to her sadly walk away with her brother.

A guilty Frank later finds Stella and Ben at a local park, he tries to apologize for his harsh behavior and after a series of events, he confirms that he does love her, much to her joy.

Frank then takes the burden of Stella caring for Ben off her shoulders, while taking an active role himself. Frank takes them back to the Gallagher household, walking into Fiona and Monica fighting over the upbringing of the two children.

Even though Lip and Carl try to convince Fiona otherwise, Fiona refuses to believe they will change and Stella stands up for their father by voicing his stopping himself from leaving the family.

Stella watches as Fiona offer Frank money to leave as he intended. He is born in the final episode of the eleventh and final series.

He was born in The Jockey. After his birth, he is named Ben by Monica who feigns bereavement over the baby she "miscarried" and neglects him while Frank shows a lack of interest in the child and leaves full care to Stella.

Fiona attempts to make Frank and Monica see that their disastrous parenting is only going to damage Stella and Ben before deciding to take Stella and Ben back to Amsterdam with her, leaving her in the care of her old friend, Kev Ball Dean Lennox Kelly.

However, he loses them as Stella wanted to stay with her father and took Ben with her. Stella follows Frank to the bus stop with Ben in her arms, as Frank rages at an upset Stella that she and Ben were a mistake and that she ruined his life, leading to her sadly walk away alone with her brother.

A guilty Frank later finds Stella and Ben at a local park, he apologizes for his harsh behavior and confirms that he does love her and Ben, much to her joy.

Frank lets Stella play while he finally takes an active role in caring for Ben by finally holding him and changing him.

Played by: John Woodvine Series 2. Neville Gallagher is Frank Gallagher 's David Threlfall estranged father who visits Chatsworth in the first episode of series 2.

Nin Gallagher is Frank Gallagher 's David Threlfall grandmother who appears in the first episode of series 7 of Shameless. She apparently brought Frank up and rescued him from a life of misery at the hands of her son Neville John Woodvine , Frank's father.

She is somewhat resentful of Frank, calling him a "selfish little shit". She is close to all of his children, especially her great-grandson Liam Gallagher Johnny Bennett.

She is the carer for her husband Bunty, who does nothing but eat. Out of desperation, she shoots Bunty dead in front of Frank and willingly goes to prison for it.

She is last seen when she is visited by her grandsons Liam and Ian Gallagher Gerard Kearns , and she appears to be loving prison life.

In her final scene, she deliberately causes a prison riot to extend her sentence as she wants to spend the rest of her life in prison.

Patrick "Paddy" Maguire is the patriarch and the head of the Maguire family, the most feared and therefore most respected of the local criminal families.

It was shown in Series 6 that he is a supporter of Celtic F. Paddy appeared in 52 episodes in total. Paddy is extremely aggressive and violent and his presence puts fear into most people on the Chatsworth Estate.

For example, when he and his family enter the local pub, The Jockey, the customers sitting at the table beside the entrance clear the seat for them.

He and his family are also drug dealers on the Chatsworth estate. He has a particular dislike for the Gallagher family, particularly Frank David Threlfall and Lip Gallagher Jody Latham , which he has demonstrated on several occasions, both physically and verbally.

However, in more recent series, Paddy has begun to show a more compassionate side, and since series four, he has also become much more accepting of Lip, as well as Karen Jackson Rebecca Atkinson , the wife of his oldest son Jamie Aaron McCusker.

Paddy's identical twin brother Noel was credited as being played by Neil Grades, an anagram of actor Sean Gilder. Paddy also has a strong sense of family and is loyal toward them.

For example, when his daughter-in-law Karen becomes severely depressed he becomes the rock upon which she can lean.

Despite his initial dislike of Frank, this mindset was then turned after Paddy choked on a cashew nut in The Jockey and Frank performed the Heimlich manoeuvre, thus saving Paddy's life.

Frank also saved Paddy's life again, stopping him from injecting himself with what would have been a lethal dose of heroin.

Paddy now has some grudging respect for the Gallaghers. Despite showing open contempt for higher education, Paddy has occasionally shown knowledge of certain literary subjects.

In Series 6, Paddy was briefly abducted by the mother of a teenager who died after using his drugs, who in revenge repeatedly injected Paddy with heroin, causing him to become addicted to the substance.

His attempts to conceal his new habit and deal with its effect on his life were a recurring theme of Series 6, with him finally going cold turkey later in the series, during which he had visions of his father Padraig.

In addition to the visions of his father, Paddy fantasizes about sleeping with Karen and Kelly Maguire Sally Carman , who are both his daughters-in-law.

In series 7, Paddy's marriage to Mimi is near enough over, due to the fact that his affair with Maureen results in the tragic circumstances of the series 6 finale, in which daughter Mandy Maguire Samantha Siddall is murdered in an explosion.

When he can't "pull", he returns home, alone and defeated, and is greeted by Kelly. After a short conversation, Paddy hands Kelly an amount of money, in exchange for sex.

Kelly accepts this money, and they have sex in the living room, while Kelly's boyfriend and Paddy's son Shane look all over the nightclub for him.

Later on in the episode, an awkward Paddy and Kelly exchange moments, in which Paddy offers Shane and Kelly the master bedroom of the Maguire house, out of guilt.

Some time later, Kelly rejected Shane's marriage proposal, as she could not marry him after lying to him. Shane insisted he would forgive her anything, no matter whom she had slept with, but the guilty looks between Paddy and Kelly made him realise what had happened between them.

Paddy was so ashamed of his actions that he was willing to inject himself with heroin at Shane's request, but Shane stopped him at the last minute.

Paddy then attended Shane's and Kelly's wedding. Paddy starts a relationship with a dance enthusiast named D'reen Cathy Murphy , and makes plans to emigrate to Cuba with her.

When he realises that he cannot leave his family and business, Paddy puts a stop [ clarification needed ] to his plans, and shares one last dance with D'reen before she leaves.

Paddy begins applying heavy pressure on Jock, the owner of the boxing club, who had borrowed heavily from the Maguires.

Meanwhile, he relentlessly belittles Micky when he wants to join the fire brigade. Micky's self-confidence falls through the floor and he berates Paddy for always putting him down.

Paddy's belligerence towards Jock leads Jock to set himself and the club on fire. Micky risks his life to save Jock.

When Jock is in hospital, Paddy reveals that he had been a young boxer at the club; he had real potential to use his skills to get a better life, but Jock essentially sold him to a crime family.

Micky reveals to Paddy that he lied about passing his fire test. Paddy tells Micky it doesn't matter, Micky is still more of a man than he will ever be.

On 6 March , it was announced that Sean Gilder had quit Shameless after five years with the show because of his rumoured dislike of Tina Malone who portrays Mimi.

After Paddy's departure, Mimi gives birth to her eighth child, Cilla. It is unclear whether or not Paddy has died.

Frank utters the words, at one point in the show: "I never thought I would say this, but bring back Paddy Maguire!

In episode 14 of series 8 a coffin is carried through the estate, supposedly with Paddy inside, but it turns out this was Paddy's way of smuggling guns to the rest of the Maguires.

Jamie tells Kelly that Paddy's plan was to make the police think he was dead, so he could start again, and that he is now living in Thailand.

Mimi Tutton [4] also Murphy and Maguire is the brash, foul-mouthed, and violent matriarch of the Maguire family. Her ex-boyfriend is also named Paddy.

She is also a drug dealer on the Chatsworth Estate and is frequently seen doing so on the show. She is extremely violent, easily angered and arguably more intimidating than her husband, Paddy; though as the series progresses she becomes less hotheaded.

Mimi is as hard as nails, and she can hold her own with men and women. At one point during Series 3 a whole riot squad is needed to restrain her after she attempts to free her daughter Mandy from incarceration at the police station.

Mimi appeared in episodes overall. In series 5 a more sensitive side to Mimi is shown after her ex-boyfriend, Paddy, makes a crass comment about her weight.

She describes herself as a "bulimic who can't stand vomit". In the same series, she is shown attending anger management classes. In Series 6, Mimi experiences some regret over her lack of education when son Micky takes film classes.

Mimi does most of his coursework for him, and when he decides the class isn't for him, he allows Mimi to take his place.

Mimi is presented as a character who behaves in ways which are polar opposites. For example, she has no qualms about selling drugs to children and behaving in a violent manner.

However, she also has strong maternal instincts and shows compassion for others. For example, when Chesney Karib Qasim Akhtar reacts badly after consuming drugs, she and Paddy care for Chesney by feeding him and ensuring that he sobers up safely.

Later, when Yvonne Karib Kelli Hollis accuses Mimi of being an intolerant racist, Mimi retorts by describing the racism that Paddy faced when he arrived in England from Ireland.

Yvonne and Mimi realize that they share love for their own children and would do anything to ensure their happiness. The Maguire family's drug dealing business comes back to haunt them when Mimi's beloved Paddy is abducted and forcibly addicted to heroin by the bereaved mother of one of their deceased customers.

To make matters worse, she is arrested for an assault that her son Jamie carried out. However, she freely states that she wants to take the blame for the attack, claiming "A mam's gotta do what a mam's gotta do".

This is because she does not want to see her ex-con son go to jail again. At the end of series 6, her beloved daughter Mandy is killed by the woman who got Paddy addicted to heroin.

The strain of this loss causes Paddy and Mimi to split up. In series 7 Mimi lives in The Jockey as landlord and has an affair with a friend of her son Micky named Billy Tutton Michael Taylor , until she finds out that he is only fourteen years old, although he looks just as old as Micky.

After the boy starts to blackmail Mimi into a secret relationship, Mimi tries to threaten him to keep him away from her, finally giving him a gun filled with blanks and daring him to shoot her.

When he pulls the trigger, she pretends to be dead, and he flees Chatsworth, believing he has killed her. Mimi attempts to join a local women's group to find companionship and feel better about herself, but they rebuff her attempts to appear in their risque charity calendar, making her feel fat, unattractive, and worthless.

To add insult to injury, they ask Mimi to supply them with some party drugs to help loosen them up before the photo shoot.

In revenge, Mimi gives them such potent 'treats' that they begin cavorting around in their underwear, groping each other.

Mimi films them and sets up a website to display the shots. Mimi gives birth to a newborn daughter, later named Cilla, at the end of Series 7 after complaining of stomach pains and nausea which scared her into believing she had started menopause.

The baby was presumably fathered by estranged husband Paddy. According to the Shameless website, Mimi will return to living in the Maguire house, with baby daughter Cilla, in Series 8.

It is implied that she is unsure who fathered Cilla because of her fling with underage Billy. It is later revealed that Cilla's father is in fact Billy, who returns to Chatsworth to be part of the child's life.

At the end of Series 8 the couple marry, despite ongoing controversy and disapproval of much of the family. In Series 9, Mimi forces Billy to have an open relationship because she is worried she is to old for him.

It is also implied she knew her son Micky was gay all along, after she encourages him to leave the estate with a baby he has saved, which he does.

Jamie Maguire is the oldest son of the notorious Maguire family, the son of Paddy Sean Gilder and Mimi Maguire Tina Malone , and recently returned after serving a ten-year prison sentence for manslaughter.

Much to his parents' disgust, he appeared to be reformed, rejected his family, got a job as a barman at "The Jockey", began training as a probation officer , and became engaged to his Jockey co-worker, Karen Jackson Rebecca Atkinson.

Jamie has a tendency to sleepwalk on occasion. In the last episode of Series 4, Jamie revealed that he had admitted his guilt in order to get parole so that he could hunt down his father's three former cellmates, who were planning to muscle in on Paddy's territory and dispose of him.

His new reformed life was a sham to cover his murders of these three men. Karen assumed that his courtship of her was part of this pretence, but Jamie claimed that he really loved her and they were married at the end of the episode.

During Series 5, Jamie does his best to avoid joining the family business. She distances herself from him, questioning if she would want to have a child that would grow up in the Maguire family.

Eventually, the two separate after Karen refuses put a "Maguire" on the pub's license with her. It is during this time that Karen begins sleeping with Joe Pritchard Ben Batt , able to break it off with her increasingly controlling lover only after she threatens to lie to the Maguires and tell them he continued to physically abuse Mandy Samantha Siddall , Jamie's sister.

Jamie moves home with Karen, and she soon finds out she's pregnant again, not sure if the father was Jamie or Joe. Despite being portrayed as one of the warmer of the Maguire family, Jamie has become somewhat of a dark and aggressive character, possibly due to him taking on the family business while his father was going cold turkey when recovering from drug addiction.

Jamie is shown to go to extreme lengths to get revenge, sending one such message to Joe, after finding out about Karen's affair with him, by digging up his recently deceased father and leaving him slumped outside of the local shop.

He also proves that unlike his two brothers, he is a very effective debt collector and head of the family business, having no qualms about threatening or injuring if it brings results.

Jamie becomes a father in Series 7, but afterward witnesses the gradual mental breakdown of his wife Karen, unaware that the overwhelming guilt and self-loathing she carries is eating away at her inside.

After Karen's release from hospital, they fall behind on household bills, and Jamie is finding it difficult to cope with his wife's mental illness.

He meets a woman named Michelle while on a night out, and has sex with her in the ladies toilets. Michelle runs a male escort agency, and leaves her card in Jamie's pocket, along with some money.

They meet later when Michelle offers Jamie a job. Despite his obvious disgust at the thought of working as a "man-whore", Jamie agrees to the offer.

He services Michelle and other women, needing the money as well as some time away from Karen. When Karen begins to suspect an affair, Michelle confesses her love for him, and Paddy uncovers what he's doing and tries to tell him to stop, Jamie finally has enough.

Initially Michelle is reluctant to let him go, but when he introduces her to the virile young Carl Gallagher Elliott Tittensor , she changes her mind.

During this time, Karen has continued her destructive affair with Joe, who seemed to have no concerns about her illness or her erratic behavior.

Eventually, Joe announces to Jamie that he's having an affair with his wife, and claims that he is baby Connor's father.

As his marriage implodes, Jamie is also trying to deal with a threat to both the family and their business, since his father has left Chatsworth for Ireland.

As series 8 begins, Jamie is in counseling with Karen who has returned with their son. He beats up a cab driver, erroneously believing the man is Joe, and Karen finally admits Joe is dead, although she does not tell him he was murdered while attempting to kill her.

She and Connor move back with Jamie into The Jockey as they attempt to make their marriage work.

In the meantime, Jamie tricks his brother, Shane Nicky Evans , into willingly giving up his attempt to run the family business.

When Shane finally realizes Jamie manipulated him into giving up leading the family business and killing a loan shark, he tells his wife, Kelly Sally Carman , that Jamie was born for this, "Scammin', schemin' and killin'.

In series 8, Jamie is shown to be scared of clowns since he saw one of them choke to death when he was young.

This led to his discomfort with Karen's new business as a party clown, which lasted only until a customer attempted to molest her.

Luckily, one of the guns Jamie was selling ended up in her bag, and she was able to shoot the customer and get away, leading to Jamie taking the gun back and soothing her in a hot shower.

After losing to Karen in a card game, he agrees to put the pub back in her name, and the couple are seen looking up at the new sign, showing "Jamie and Karen Maguire" as the proprietors of the Jockey.

In Series 9, Jamie acts a spokesman for the estate when the majority of the people who live there are evicted.

He and a few others become trapped underground after a family job goes wrong; they are eventually saved and it is unclear if his and Gloria's affair will continue.

Shane, overall, appeared in episodes. Shane is known for his short and unpredictable temper and limited intelligence, although he was once shown to possess great instincts for shopper's habits during Series 5 when he briefly worked in Yvonne Karib 's Kelli Hollis off-licence shop.

Judging by certain scenes from the fourth to sixth series, the other Maguire boys, except for Jamie, seemed to be taking direction from Shane, in the absence of Paddy and Mimi, which might imply that Shane is the second oldest of the Maguire children.

After coming out of a coma , Shane is left partially paralysed and bed-ridden. Conflict arises between Kelly and Shane's overpowering mother, Mimi, over who will oversee his convalescence.

However, with physiotherapy and speech therapy, his condition begins to improve. After a running a series of wedding scams together, Shane asks Kelly to marry him, but she was hesitant to do so.

After they fall out during a party at The Jockey, he tries to make amends. But discovers that weeks earlier, Kelly had sex with his father, Paddy.

A heartbroken Shane later asks his father why he betrayed him. Paddy reveals that he felt shamed by his sons for abandoning him during that night, and in a moment of self-pity, paid Kelly for sex to "hurt" his son, but he now deeply regrets it.

Shane demands that his father proves how sorry he is, and produces a syringe and a bag of heroin. As Paddy is about to inject himself, Shane stops him just in time.

Satisfied with his father's remorse, he quietly leaves Paddy, who breaks down in tears. He is now married to Kelly. They had their impromptu civil ceremony at The Jockey.

While giving a deposit to a sperm bank, Shane learned that he was sterile. Shane was upset at the thought of never having children.

His father and brothers tried to help by offering to be sperm donors for Kelly, but she refused. Shane was left to look on Liam as a son.

When Carl Gallagher Elliott Tittensor and Chesney Karib Qasim Akhtar were framed for murder by a local drug-dealer called Jimmy, the Maguires initially decide to remain aloof from the situation, as it was "not their fight".

But Jimmy's increasing cockiness revealed in Shane a sense of justice, when he began to openly speak against Jimmy's aggressive antics before taking overt action.

When Jimmy tried to set the Gallagher home on fire, Shane stepped in, as he knew Jimmy was afraid to cross the Maguires.

Shameless Carl Carl Francis Gallagher

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