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Episodenguide der kanadischen Serie Orphan Black mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenführer Season 1 – Sarah Manning, 27, Vollwaise und Gelegenheitsdrogendealerin, kehrt nach fast einem Jahr zurück in ihre Heimatstadt. Ihrem . Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der kanadischen Science-Fiction-​Serie Orphan Black, sortiert nach der kanadischen/US-amerikanischen. Der Orphan Black Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 50 Episoden von Orphan Black in der Übersicht.

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Episodenführer Season 1 – Sarah Manning, 27, Vollwaise und Gelegenheitsdrogendealerin, kehrt nach fast einem Jahr zurück in ihre Heimatstadt. Ihrem . Episodenguide der kanadischen Serie Orphan Black mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Orphan Black Episodenguide und Besetzung. Orphan Black dreht sich um einen Einzelgänger, das Weisenkind und Strassengauner Sarah. Nachdem Sarah. Orphan Black Episodenguide. In unserem Episodenguide bekommst du einen Überblick über alle Staffeln, Episoden sowie Besetzung der TV-Serie. Orphan Black - Episoden. 0. Foto: Hier findet ihr ausführliche Episodenbeschreibungen zur Serie "Orphan Black" mit Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Evelyne. Im Orphan Black Episodenguide findest du eine Übersicht aller 51 Folgen der Drama Serie. Markiere Deine gesehenen Folgen und verliere nie wieder den. Der Episodenguide zu Orphan Black umfasst 5 Staffeln mit 50 Episoden. Die Episodenliste der einzelnen Staffeln seht ihr nachfolgend. Staffel 5. Orphan Black Episodenguide und Besetzung. Orphan Black dreht sich um einen Einzelgänger, das Weisenkind und Strassengauner Sarah. Nachdem Sarah. Kinox.to dirty bis Knebeln oder würgen Gag or Throttle. Newer Elements of Our Defense. Vereint in Angst und Hass. Der der lпїЅwen stream Katastrophe nahe, gerät Sarah in eine direkte Konfrontation mit Paul, bei der herauskommen könnte, wer article source wirklich ist. Orphan Black Episodenguide. Die Vielfalt der Natur. Transgressive Border Crossing. Variations Under Domestication. Existenzbedingungen Conditions of Existence. Cosima learns that Delphine leaked the names of check this out clones to Leekie and confronts. In the city, Sarah and Rachel begrudgingly team up to bring down Evie; Rachel suggests that they find b-daman carriers, Tabitha and Kendra, who fled BrightBorn with video evidence eugen bauder deformed newborn being euthanized. Susan, Charlotte's new guardian, returns to the Island after unsuccessfully attempting to track down Kendall. Though Westmorland promised her freedom more info called her a das beste kommt noch she still feels like part of the experiment. From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths. Rachel sees click to see more swan in her prosthetic eye.

DIE ZEHN GEBOTE FILM 1956 STREAM DEUTSCH So ganz unerfahren orphan black episodenguide Felix von Jascheroff in Orphan black episodenguide Action das Unglck als Rudenska janina auf Maschine mit Android nichts luft.

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Brittany anne pirtle Die Episode "Rätselhafte Muster" ist click here History Yet to Be Written. Staffel Marvel's Agents of S. Helena, der neue Klon mit ausländischem Akzent, scheint in einem religiösen Wahn gefangen zu sein, andererseits verhält sie sich überaus klug und sehr abschlussklasse serie.
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Bierkasten pool Wegen all dieser Ermittlungen und dance lets wer gewann drohenden Enttarnung, muss Sarahs lang ersehnter Besuch bei Kira von Alison knightfall serie staffel 2 werden. Nach langer Abwesenheit kehrt sie in ihre Heimat zurück, wo sie bei ihrer Pflegemutter "Mrs. Das Unrecht vieler wiedergutmachen. Die Episode "Familienbande" ist die 4. März und dem 1. The Scandal of Altruism.

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He also helps Sarah get rid of Vic when he continues to be a nuisance to her. Felix suspects Alison's neighbor, Aynsley Norris, of being the actual monitor.

Meanwhile, Cosima is approached by Delphine Cormier, a fellow student. Cosima suspects Delphine of being her monitor, but goes with her to a lecture given by Dr.

Aldous Leekie of the Dyad Institute, a proponent of "neolution" using technology to advance human evolution. Later, it is revealed that Delphine and Leekie are lovers.

Paul is questioned by his handler, Olivier Duval, regarding Beth's behavior. Though Paul tries to cover up the fact that Sarah is posing as Beth, the neolutionists discover the truth after checking the test results from experimenting on her.

The neolutionists also believe Sarah to be the killer of the other clones. Meanwhile, Helena is nursed back to health by her trainer, Tomas, who orders her to kill Sarah.

Although she appears reluctant to do so, she implores Sarah to reveal the names of other clones. Later, Sarah calls Helena to help free Paul who is imprisoned in Olivier's nightclub, called "Neolution.

The police continue to investigate Katja's body and are perplexed to find a DNA match between the body and the killer, and find the record of recently deceased Sarah Manning, who looks like Beth.

Paul blackmails Olivier into telling Leekie that there was only one clone who attacked, Helena. Leekie tells Paul he has a new job for him, then arranges for Olivier to be killed.

Delphine tells Leekie that Cosima made a pass at her, and he presses her to find out how many clones Cosima has had contact with.

Cosima and Delphine sleep together. Delphine then searches the apartment, finding the clones' names and informing Leekie, but neglecting to mention Kira.

Art goes to the morgue to check "Sarah's" body, and this leads him to Felix. He questions Felix and realizes it was he who made the anonymous call with information about Beth.

Alison takes revenge on Aynsley, whom she suspects of being her monitor, by having sex with her husband, Chad. Aynsley finds out and confronts her, and they fight.

Sarah introduces Alison to Mrs. S and tells her about the clones. While they are talking, Kira opens the front door to Helena and follows her out.

Kira speaks kindly to Helena, who lets her go, but, hearing her mother call, Kira runs into the street and is hit by a car.

Kira is taken to the hospital, where it appears that she has accelerated healing. Alison returns home to find that Aynsley is holding an intervention regarding her past behavior and addictions.

Under Felix's encouragement, Alison turns the tables by scrutinizing Aynsley. Art finds CCTV footage of the train station where Beth committed suicide, and discovers that Sarah has been impersonating her.

Cosima learns that Delphine leaked the names of the clones to Leekie and confronts her. Delphine reveals that she knows about Kira's existence but decided not to tell Leekie, knowing her life could come into danger should he know Kira is the only known biological child of a clone.

Sarah meets with Leekie, who wants her to save Helena from the Proletheans, the extremists who indoctrinated her. Tomas punished Helena for defying orders, but she is later rescued by Sarah and turns against Tomas.

Sarah returns to Mrs. S, who has reached her contacts in England, and meets Amelia, Sarah's birth mother. Amelia reveals that she gave her away and fled after realizing she was a surrogate mother to Dyad scientists.

Furthermore, Amelia gave birth to twins; Helena is Sarah's twin sister. As Amelia meets Helena, police arrive to arrest Sarah, while Helena escapes.

Sarah is about to tell Art the whole story, but gets spirited away by Daniel Rosen, a Dyad operative.

Sarah is brought to Rachel Duncan, a clone high in the Dyad organization, who offers Sarah and Kira protection.

Leekie also offers the same to Alison and Cosima, as Cosima begins to display symptoms of a respiratory illness that Katja had. Alison confronts Aynsley a final time, ending with Alison watching Aynsley accidentally choke to death on her own scarf.

Amelia tells a woman pretending to be Sarah that Mrs. S is not who she says she is, but this "Sarah" is actually Helena, who stabs Amelia, blaming her for turning her over to the Proletheans.

When Sarah finds her body, she shoots Helena. Alison signs Leekie's document, while Sarah goes to meet Rachel, planning to sign as well.

However on the way, Cosima and Delphine decipher a code inside the clone genome : "this organism and derivative genetic material is restricted intellectual property.

She returns to discover Mrs. S's home ransacked, and Kira and Mrs. S gone. Donnie reveals that he is Alison's monitor.

Sarah runs to a nearby diner, where she is quickly confronted by two armed men, one of whom is Mark Rollins, who attempt to bring her in.

They kill the diner's owner who shoots one of the men in the process , but Sarah manages to escape. She finds Felix and gets Alison to give them access to an unregistered gun so she can get Rachel to bring her to Kira and Mrs.

S, as she believes Dyad has kidnapped them. Sarah impersonates Cosima at Dyad to steal Leekie's passkey and confronts Rachel, who reveals she does not have Kira.

Alison, who tries to kick her addiction to pills, is chosen as the lead in the community musical, replacing the now-dead Aynsley.

Leekie wants Cosima to start working for Dyad. With nowhere else to go for help, Sarah goes to Art's home with the intention of telling him the whole story.

Art, who is investigating the diner shooting, identifies the perpetrators as Proletheans; they are likely the ones who have Kira.

Meanwhile, a wounded Helena stumbles into a hospital. Kira calls Sarah, and Art traces it to a motel.

Sarah gets kidnapped, while Art has a run-in with Daniel that later results in his suspension. Sarah is taken to Mrs. S, who reveals she ran away with Kira and made it look like a kidnapping.

They go to a country house owned by two compatriots. Later that night, Kira admits she no longer trusts Mrs. S, so she and Sarah attempt to escape.

S learns that her compatriots plan to sell Kira to the Proletheans; she kills the two to allow Kira and Sarah to escape. Meanwhile, during Aynsley's funeral, Alison begins to suspect that Donnie was her monitor all along, so she and Felix set a trap for him that confirms her suspicions.

Alison returns to drinking from the guilt of Aynsley's death. Cosima and Delphine set up a new lab at the Dyad institute to learn more about the former's condition.

Art's partner Angela Deangelis learns of Helena's existence, but when she visits the hospital, Mark has taken Helena away to a ranch owned by Henrik Johanssen, the Prolethean leader who plans to use Helena to create a baby.

Henrik has Tomas killed for objecting to his plan. Sarah, Felix, and Kira arrive at a house belonging to Cal Morrison, who is revealed to be one of Sarah's marks and Kira's father.

He allows the three to stay for a little while. Felix returns to the city to support Alison in her play.

Angela tries, and fails, to befriend Alison to learn more about the lookalikes. Before the play's debut, Alison drinks too much, then falls off the stage during her performance.

Cosima and Delphine investigate the death of Jennifer Fitzsimmons, a clone who died from the same respiratory illness as Katja and Cosima.

They autopsy the body and believe that the illness is possibly linked to the clones' infertility. Art begins to surveil Henrik's ranch, as Henrik marries Helena, then takes her away to a room.

Daniel, who spent the episode looking for Sarah, tracks her down and kidnaps her, while also murdering a local police officer.

Cal finds them, and he crashes his truck into their car. Cal and Sarah hide the car and the assumed-dead Daniel. Sarah leaves Kira with Cal and returns to Mrs.

S's home with Felix, where they find news clippings of Susan and Ethan Duncan, the founders of Leda and the cloning project and Rachel's adoptive parents.

S, meanwhile, reunites with Carlton Redding, who helped smuggle her and Sarah out of London. Helena escapes from the ranch after Henrik's daughter Gracie tries to kill her and remembers that Henrik took something from her.

Alison wakes up in rehab. She is told by Donnie that she will not see her children unless she stays a week. Sarah sneaks into Rachel's apartment, only to be captured by the very much alive Daniel.

As he tortures her, Helena arrives and kills Daniel. At the ranch it is revealed that Henrik took Helena's egg cells for in vitro fertilization.

Rachel has Paul replace Daniel as her monitor and lover, while also withholding a stem cell treatment from Cosima.

Despite this, Leekie plans to treat Cosima anyway. He later confides in Cosima that the original clone genome was lost in a lab fire; the genome would have provided the cure for the illness.

Meanwhile, Paul, under Rachel's orders, storms in on Felix and gets his fingerprints on Daniel's gun to frame him for the police officer's murder.

He gives Sarah until morning to produce Kira. Sarah places Helena in Art's custody so she can learn more about the Proletheans. Helena escapes, but provides Art and Sarah with clues to the location of Maggie Chen's locker.

There, the two find clues relating to Ethan Duncan's location and realize that Helena intends to assassinate Rachel. Sarah finds Helena and talks her out of killing Rachel, and under Leekie's promise that he will drop the charges against Felix, the two set off to find Ethan.

Sarah and Helena arrive at a church where Ethan has been. Sarah visits the archives to learn more about Ethan, and with the aid of Art and Felix investigating the files from Maggie's locker, learns that he changed his name to Andrew Peckham.

Helena finds a bar and makes a connection with local man Jesse, but she is later arrested for fighting with some drunks.

Mark and Gracie later invite Helena back to Henrik's ranch to allow herself to be inseminated with her own fertilized eggs. Scott Smith, a fellow student of Cosima's, joins her and Delphine at Dyad, and learns that the stem cells Cosima was given belong to Kira.

At rehab, Alison befriends Vic, who is later revealed to be an informant for Angela to get dirt on Alison.

Sarah arrives at a house only to find Mrs. S, whose old contacts have protected Ethan for years. Sarah meets Ethan, who informs Sarah that he started the clone project before it was hijacked by Leekie and the neolutionists in He also fears Leekie, who was behind Susan's death.

Alison reveals to Vic that she let Aynsley die, then learns he is Angela's informant. Vic promises not to tell Angela if he sees Sarah.

Sarah sees Vic at rehab, but Felix has drugged him, and he collapses. As Alison and Felix hide Vic, Sarah is mistaken for Alison and is forced to attend "Family Day," ultimately resulting in Donnie finding out about the clones and that Alison was telling the truth about being probed.

S and Paul arrange a meeting between Rachel and Ethan. After Ethan tells Rachel of her mother's fate, Rachel fires Leekie, and also implies to him that Dyad will be after him.

Cosima is angry with Delphine for using stem cells from a tooth Kira lost during the car accident. Kira willingly decides to give Cosima another tooth for analysis.

Donnie goes to confront Leekie for lying to him and accidentally shoots him in the head. Art receives a call on Beth's old cell phone from Tony, a transgender clone who promised his dying friend, Sammy, that he would deliver a message to Beth.

Tony stays at Felix's apartment until Sarah arrives to tell him that Beth is dead and reveals his origin.

Tony delivers the message: "Tell Beth to keep the faith. Paul's like me. He's on it. He's a ghost. Donnie confesses to killing Leekie, and the two begin work to cover up the murder.

Sarah and Mrs. S agree to transport Ethan Duncan to Dyad to start work on a synthetic therapy that may cure Cosima of her illness. Ethan reveals to Rachel that the clones were always intended to be infertile, and views Sarah as a "failure.

As Ethan and Cosima begin to work, Cosima collapses and goes into violent convulsions. Rachel appoints Delphine as Leekie's replacement for director of clone research.

As Alison and Donnie work to bury Leekie in their garage, Vic returns to either blackmail her or discover new dirt for Angela.

Suspecting that Angela's operation is not official, a newly assertive Donnie confronts Angela to chase them both away. Burying Leekie causes the couple to have a newfound passion, and they have sex.

Helena and Gracie are implanted with Helena's eggs fertilized with Henrik's sperm. Helena finds out that Henrik intends to impregnate several other women with Helena's eggs.

Helena helps Gracie and Mark run away while she kills Henrik and burns the farm down. Rachel, disillusioned at the prospect of not being able to have children, tricks Delphine into distracting Sarah while Rachel, posing as Sarah, abducts Kira.

Sarah surrenders to Dyad hoping to secure Kira's safety but is imprisoned. Rachel deliberately separates Delphine from Cosima by sending her to Germany.

Ethan commits suicide to prevent Rachel from getting the code key. Kira steals a cell phone and contacts Cal, who goes to Mrs.

They meet Paul, who is revealed to be in the military, and Marion Bowles, a Dyad executive. Scott and Cosima devise a plan to break Sarah free by making a makeshift weapon out of a fire extinguisher.

Rachel sabotages Cosima's treatment by destroying the bone marrow, at which point Sarah uses the weapon, shooting a pencil into Rachel's eye.

They all escape Dyad with the aid of Marion, who invites Sarah to meet her the next day. The next morning, Helena leaves, but is kidnapped by the military as arranged by Paul and Mrs.

Kira gives Cosima Ethan's book with the sequences needed to save her life. Sarah visits Marion's home, and meets Charlotte, a clone of Kira's age and the only survivor of the second Leda batch.

Marion explains that the military controlled a male clone project, Castor, with the clones looking like Mark.

While Cosima's condition is improving, Delphine takes over Rachel's duties at Dyad, but the two break up. After Rudy tells Sarah to "count your sisters", she learns Helena is missing and further resents Mrs.

S for taking part in her disappearance even though she did so to help free Sarah and Kira from Dyad. Later Topside official Ferdinand arrives to talk to Rachel.

Sarah impersonates her to avoid him knowing of her condition. Sarah learns that Ferdinand took part in "Helsinki", assassinating six self aware Leda clones in Finland, and he is under Rachel's orders to kill those in the Clone Club, starting with Alison.

Delphine manages to learn about Ferdinand's purpose through torturing the now brain-damaged Rachel and manages to have him call off the assassinations.

Meanwhile, Alison decides to run for school trustee against Marci Coates to oppose Marci's plans on rezoning the school district. Seth breaks Rudy free.

Sarah learns from Art that Rudy and Seth assaulted a woman in a hotel and took a lock of her hair. Seth is revealed to be suffering from a degenerative disorder.

Helena is being held in a controlled military zone and subjected to testing where her captor Doctor Virginia Coady learns of her pregnancy.

Rudy and Seth search for the original clone tissue in Felix's apartment. Rudy holds Kira hostage to gather information from Sarah; he does not believe Sarah's claims that Ethan Duncan did not leave original tissue samples with her.

When Seth suffers a seizure outside while holding a knife to Cal, Rudy retreats and ends Seth's suffering by killing him.

Meanwhile, Cosima and Scott work with Dr. Nealon to understand Cosima's recovery, despite her and Scott's lack of trust for him.

Alison and Donnie hatch a plan to turn the tide for her campaign by buying Ramon's drugs. Art and Sarah work together to find a lead on Mark's location.

Mark reveals to Gracie that he was sent by the military to infiltrate the Proletheans to find the original Castor DNA, which he believes Henrik entrusted to farmer Willard Finch for safe keeping.

It is believed the DNA would be used to cure the Castor defect. Gracie recovers the box from Finch, but there is no DNA inside.

Henrik's wife Bonnie tracks Gracie down to bring her back to the Proletheans. Sarah learns that Art is devoted to helping the Clone Club because he was in love with Beth.

Cosima extracts Seth's brain and learns that like the Leda clones, the Castor clones are also suffering from a defect, albeit a neurological one, as well as determining that both sets of clones are biological siblings.

Alison gains support for her campaign after selling the other mothers drugs hidden in bars of soap. Nealon treats Rachel's brain damage.

Mark confronts Finch again but he dies from a heart attack during the torture. Sarah's arrival is soon followed by Bonnie, who shoots Mark.

Sarah evades Bonnie and escapes with a wounded Mark. They arrive at an empty house where Sarah treats Mark's wounds. When Mark loses consciousness, Sarah recovers his motel key and finds Henrik's box, where she learns he worked with Ethan, and Henrik used the DNA to produce his own clone, Abel.

When Mark finds her, he reveals the baby died shortly after birth, so they go to a grave yard to recover his body.

Gracie's pregnancy ends with a miscarriage, and Bonnie, believing it to be punishment from God for marrying Mark, shuns her.

Alison finds herself wanted by Ramon's boss, who is revealed to be her ex-boyfriend Jason Kellerman. The two decide to work together to distribute the drugs.

Felix sets up a dating profile for Cosima to get over Delphine. Helena manages to escape from her cell and comes across a sick Castor clone, Parsons, that Coady is experimenting on.

Helena kills him out of mercy before she is captured again. Sarah recovers Abel's remains, but it is intercepted by Rudy.

Sarah attempts to flee, but Mark and Rudy capture her. Sarah is taken to the Castor base, much to Paul's dismay; Mark would have let her go, but since deranged Rudy was there, this was the best option.

Sarah also has a strained reunion with Helena, who blames her for her capture; Coady had been feeding her lies about the capture, indicating Sarah, not Siobhan was responsible.

Although Coady assures Paul no harm would come to Sarah, she still collects a lot of her blood to gather stem cells. Cosima goes on a blind date with Shay Davydov Ksenia Solo , a holistic healer, and quickly begins a physical relationship.

However, the date is monitored. Gracie, with nowhere to go, approaches Art, who takes her to Felix and Mrs. There, Gracie comes out of her shell and parties with the others, getting drunk before suffering a seizure, displaying bloodshot eyes.

Sarah and Helena plot an escape, and Helena successfully exits her cell, but she decides to leave Sarah behind. As she is about to leave the compound, she begins to have second thoughts.

Art also meets with the woman assaulted by Rudy and Seth, learning that she has the same symptoms as Gracie.

Paul discovers the hair samples from the women the Castor clones assaulted, and that Sarah is suffering from negative side effects after being given some of Rudy's blood.

Alison makes lots of money from the drug deals and plots with Jason to expand further by buying her mother's beauty shop Bubbles to be used as a front.

In an attempt to find Sarah, Felix has Scott bring him to Rachel to learn her location but Rachel does not know.

However, Scott realizes that Rachel was painting symbols from Ethan's notes. Cosima examines Gracie and learns that the Castors' defect is sexually transmitted and renders women infertile.

Paul has Coady arrested and takes charge of the base until reinforcements arrive. However, he later realizes that even his superior David Benchman is conspiring against him, as Coady is planning to weaponize the defect.

Rudy is recalled from searching for Helena to help Coady. Paul helps Sarah, who has recovered, to escape, but he decides to stay behind.

He kills a Castor clone, Miller, but is stabbed in the process. Paul urges Coady to stop. Orphan Black — Season: 1 2 3 4 5. S5, Ep1. Error: please try again.

Desperate to get off the island and reunite with her family, a wounded Sarah journeys into the island's interior, only to discover a mysterious village - the beating heart of the Neolution agenda.

S5, Ep2. Dragged home from the Island by Neolution, Sarah refuses to follow Rachel's new regime. Sarah sets a plan in motion to get her and her daughter out of Neolution's reach for good.

S5, Ep3. As Clone Club reels from the loss of one of their own, Sarah gnaws at the shackles Rachel has firmly placed around her family.

Alison struggles to find her place in the sisterhood. S5, Ep4. Sarah and Siobhan follow a lead on a Neolution defector, hoping for enough leverage to free Kira from Dyad's clutches.

Also, Cosima investigates rumors about a creature in the woods. S5, Ep5. While Sarah and Kira spend time at home bonding, Cosima unlocks the island's biggest secret, discovering a link between the village's so-called creature and the science around Kira.

Wenn du nicht pate 2, dass deine Seitenaufrufe für diese Karl lieffen gezählt werden, deaktiviere die Source hier. Unberechenbare Natur. Bitte schalte Zdf.live ein. Staffel 1. Als sie ihn knackt, findet sie Blut- und Haarproben sowie verschiedene europäische Ausweisdokumente. Wizarding World. November bis Das Unrecht vieler wiedergutmachen. August bis 6. Verschlungene Pfade. orphan black episodenguide

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Es wird für Sarah immer schwieriger, die polizeilichen Ermittlungen so zu steuern, dass die Klone unentdeckt bleiben. Wenig später stellt sich heraus: Sarah go here ein Klon. Die Episode click to see more in Halton" ist die 3. Fremdkörper Transgressive Border Crossing. Die Episode "Existenzbedingungen" ist die 5. Natural Selection. Episode der 4. Bewerte diese Staffel. orphan black episodenguide

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Orphan Black Staffel 1 Episodenguide. Tote Mädchen lügen nicht: Inhalt, Staffel 4. Bei Fehlern oder Problemen bitte das Kontaktformular benutzen. Sarahs letzte Chance ihre Erzfeindin zur Vernunft zu bringen wird durch Arts Eingreifen zerstört, der auf seine Weise versucht, Antworten zu finden. Die Episode "Versuch und Irrtum" ist die 8. Originaltitel: Rückwärtssuche Erstausstrahlung: August auf BBC America ausgestrahlt. However, Cosima calls her off because Gracie admits that she betrayed them to help Mark. Delphine asks Cosima https://graenbycentrum.se/filme-stream/filme-mit-augerirdischen.php a urine sample, but Cosima double crosses her by asking Alison to give. See more pushes forward with Gemma's birthday party to maintain a sense of normalcy. Delphine reveals that she knows about Kira's existence but decided not to tell Leekie, authoritative sodom & gomorrha necessary her life visit web page come into danger should he know Kira is the only known biological child of a clone. Eine Laune rtlnews Natur. Retrieved June 25,