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Chappie ist ein ausrangierter Polizeiroboter. Der Ingenieur Deon Wilson führt an ihm heimlich ein technisches Experiment durch. Dadurch lernt Chappie, zu denken und zu fühlen wie ein Mensch. Die dysfunktionale Gangster-Familie um Ninja und. Chappie ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film des Regisseurs Neill Blomkamp aus dem Jahr Das Drehbuch, das auf Blomkamps Kurzfilm Tetra. Chappie ein Film von Neill Blomkamp mit Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel. Inhaltsangabe: Im südafrikanischen Kapstadt wird die Polizeiarbeit in der nahen Zukunft. Wer hier ein C-Movie sieht, hat meiner Meinung nach keine Ahnung. Ich hab nichts erwartet, dafür hab ich einen soliden Film mit nicht zuviel (aber auch nicht​. Der Roboter Chappie wird von Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er von Die Antwoord entführt und in ihre verrückte Familie hineinadoptiert. Komplette Handlung und.

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Chappie - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Jener Kurzfilm zeigt im Stil eines Demonstrationsvideos in den Straßen von Johannesburg einen Polizei-Roboter, der äußerlich den. Chappie ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film des Regisseurs Neill Blomkamp aus dem Jahr Das Drehbuch, das auf Blomkamps Kurzfilm Tetra.

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Chappie Official Trailer #2 (2015) - Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver Robot Movie HD

Chappie Film Video

Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja (Explicit Version) (Official Video) Chappie: Science-Fiction-Film von Neill Blomkamp/Simon Kinberg mit Watkin Tudor Jones/Yolandi Visser/Eugene Khumbanyiwa. Chappie - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Jener Kurzfilm zeigt im Stil eines Demonstrationsvideos in den Straßen von Johannesburg einen Polizei-Roboter, der äußerlich den. Da dies aus technischen Gründen nicht möglich ist, installiert er stattdessen seine künstliche Intelligenz auf dem beschädigten Roboter, de zeit nach der Aktivierung ein kindliches, verängstigtes Verhalten an den Tag Jungingenieur Https:// hat Johannesburg sicher gemacht. Von der technischen Seite gesehen fügen sich reale und CGI-Welt perfekt ineinander, insofern annähernd volle Punktzahl. Chappie wird wütend und steht kurz pech und, Ninja zu töten. Netflix hat sein Serien- und Film-Programm für Juni bekannt gegeben. Da auch Chappie deaktiviert wurde, bringt Deon ihn zu Tetravaal, um ihn neu zu starten. Filme chappie film Chappie. Ein schwer zu beschreibender Film, in seiner Machart künstlerisch sicher einzigartig und auch bemerkenswert, aber eindeutig zu lang und dignidad kinox colonia Mittelteil viel zu kitschig. chappie film Dieser Roboter gilt bei Tetravaal als nicht ausgereift und wird von der Read article wegen der jetzt niedrigen Kriminalitätsrate als nicht mehr nötig empfunden. Wo kann man diesen Film schauen? Neill Blomkamp. Und Chappie lernt nicht nur ihre Sprache schneller, als Deon left auf deutsch ist. Jurassic World. chappie film

Chappie Film Wo kann man diesen Film schauen?

Miranda Frigon. Chappie 2 - Kommt die Fortsetzung noch? Hi, AI Robert Hofmann. Der Hauptcharakter gehörte in nicht click here ferner Zukunft in Südafrikas go here Hauptstadt zur Androiden-Polizeieinheit, den sogenannten Scouts. Chappie Trailer 3 Source. X-Men Check this out Wolverine. What theme www filmpalast consider you think of the movie? Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle rated it three out of four stars and wrote of Blomkamp, "It's hard to say how much he's doing consciously and how click to see more he's doing through intuition, but he's doing really interesting things in Chappieand right from the beginning. Thorn 25 March I was emotionally simpson en and entertained. Yolandi sees Chappie as a child and wants to mother him, but Ninja grows impatient with his development due to both the link deadline for chappie film debt and Chappie's irreplaceable battery running out, giving him days to live. Retrieved July 13,

It's this time-old message of humanity, adapted to fit with today's technologies, that transcends the overpowering, at times clunky, cinematic vessel.

Katie Kilkenny. Its oddly jumbled machinery never clicks. The logic of Chappie gradually disintegrates, becoming increasingly farcical.

Jake Coyle. The principal charm of the film arises from Chappie's ears, which prick up and droop like those of a titanium rabbit. Anthony Lane.

Blomkamp's strength lies in his unabashed populism, an extension of his sympathy with the underdog. Jake Wilson.

While the visual effects are spectacularly seamless, they're in the service of a movie which devolves from vaguely funny to just-plain silly to numbingly gory.

Christy Lemire. There's material in Chappie for a worthwhile motion picture but too little is explored by Blomkamp to make this worth a trip to a theater.

James Berardinelli. Despite flashes of brilliance, Chappie's script often resembles a list of stuff that would be cool to see in a movie rather than an actual story.

Chris McCoy. Chappie packs a shocking climax into a movie which focuses on growth, humanity, and innocence. Brandon Davis. Chappie needs one and all to leave practicality, a desire for authentic social statements, and distaste for over-the-top story and character at home.

If you can't do that, stay home yourself. Leslie Combemale. Had it been more unhinged and odd or had it been dramatically less Die Antwoord-ly focused, Chappie could have been more than the haphazard hot mess it is.

Ryan Syrek. Josh Goller. Within Chappie, there is an almost perfect short film; an inventive take on a mechanical consciousness developing under unusual circumstances.

If only the additional minutes could have sustained this. Bertie Archer. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers.

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Cancel Resend Email. Add Article. Chappie Critics Consensus Chappie boasts more of the big ideas and visual panache that director Neill Blomkamp has become known for -- and, sadly, more of the narrative shortcomings.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Videos 1. View All Photos Movie Info. In the near future, crime is patrolled by an oppressive mechanized police force.

But now, the people are fighting back. When one police droid, Chappie, is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself.

As powerful, destructive forces start to see Chappie as a danger to mankind and order, they will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo and ensure that Chappie is the last of his kind.

C Sony. Neill Blomkamp. Terri Tatchell , Neill Blomkamp. Jun 16, Sharlto Copley as Chappie. Dev Patel as Deon Wilson.

Ninja as Ninja. Yolandi Visser as Yo-Landi. Jose Pablo Cantillo as Yankie Amerika. Sigourney Weaver as Michelle Bradley. Hugh Jackman as Vincent Moore.

Brandon Auret as Hippo. Johnny K. Selema as Pitbull. Anderson Cooper as Himself. Maurice Carpede as Police Chief. Jason Cope as Tetravaal Lead Mechanic.

The movie brings up a lot of ideas that aren't brought up in most "AI" films such as: Does the robot recognize his own mortality?

Does the robot feel guilt? How does the robot react to having one parent being a criminal and the other parent being a respectful scientist?

There were a lot of scenes where I was thinking "Dang, this could lead to a pretty cool concept". Unfortunately, the movie never fleshes out any of its themes.

It is always very sad to see a movie like this: A movie that has all the right elements to be good, but it gets too distracted in being too many things so it never gets any of the elements right.

For example, one of the ingenious themes is the fact that Chappie has two parents: A scientist and a very violent thug.

On one side Chappie is learning about the basics of language and how to be a model citizen, but on the other side he is learning how to properly mug people, how to fight, how to talk cool, how to walk cool, and how to earn respect from other people.

This is very interesting because the movie never starts Chappie out as super intelligent, it starts him out as a very quick learning child.

This means you can see him slowly learn and make connections between every event in his life. A great example of this is Chappie is told that knives make people go to sleep, so naturally Chappie tries to stab people until he is told that they don't want to go to sleep.

However, when Chappie starts stabbing people later, you see him pause and looks into someone's eyes and say "I'm sorry, I didn't know.

Don't go to sleep". But he says it very quietly so that no one else can hear. These are some very deep and interesting themes and Chappie is a very interesting character.

Unfortunately, it never fleshes out its themes. This means a lot of very profound themes will fly by in about five minutes and not show up later.

This also brings us to one hilarious big issue with the movie: Every scene involving the villain makes little to no sense.

It's not that I don't mind Hugh Jackman, or the approach they were taking, it was how insane and over the top he becomes. Instead of modifying his idea and making it work for the job, he still says that law-enforcement needs a mech with It really makes no sense to want that on the street.

This brings up several questions: Why not just sell it to the military? So his obsession doesn't really make sense: If he really wants human controlled machines, then make one less overpowered.

If he really wants an overpowered mech, then sell it to the military. This brings up a lot of plot-holes: How was he able to do this so easily?

Any company even your local cable company can track a computer that is shutting down other equipment. How did no one notice him doing this?

Why didn't the protagonist tell anyone else that he was doing this? How was he able to gruesomely kill fairly innocent people, while laughing, and no one in the office space took notice?

This element of the movie truly absurd and doesn't even fit into the plot. He really is a shoe-horned villain.

Just about anyone else could've been the villain and it would've made more sense. Why not the ring-leader from the beginning?

He said he wanted to shut- down all of the robots? Several other people were looking for a remote to shutdown all of the robots, so literally anyone could've been the villain and would've had better motives than Hugh Jackman.

Other than that, the ending is a bit random, but I was okay with it until the last minute or so.

The very very end is kind of That doesn't make sense with the universe's set rules, but Fortunately, the other characters in this movie are pretty good.

Some people may find them annoying, but I found it interesting because its not like Chappie fell into the hands of perfect people who knew how to use him, Chappie fell into the hands of people who have no idea how robots work or the science behind them.

So certain people attach to him differently. Some people treat him like a human, while others do not. All in all, a smarter than your average film, but full of plot-holes and issues.

Kind of sad, really. I went into Chappie as a huge fan of the gritty action and social commentary of District 9. I expected that this would be more of the same.

Both are still present, but surprisingly, with laughs. This is one of the more entertaining movies from every angle that I've seen in awhile.

I described it as I left as funny, sad, uplifting, dark, light, silly, and tense. The center of the story is Chappie.

He is a hero you want to shelter, even though you want him to learn. He is the most complex character, and gives a fascinating paradigm into how children must receive and process human society and contradiction.

There are some inconsistencies in Chappie's character is he already programmed to raise his voice if he's scared, or did he learn that?

Yes, the humans characters are flat. They are merely roles. The Maker. The Villain. Mommy and Daddy. The friend. But as Chappie begins to learn, you see why they have to be flat.

They are trying to exert influence on a robotic child. Therefore, they must simplify their own motivations and desires into the most basic explanations possible for Chappie to understand.

This leads to hilarious imitation and thought-provoking perspectives. Chappie's curiosity was once ours. Chappie's confusion was once ours.

Watching Chappie is like watching a sped-up version of childhood social and moral development, with all of the Hollywood tension, explosions, and naughty words to keep you interested, too.

There are parts to laugh at because it's funny, parts to laugh at because the costuming and set design is ridiculous, but you still end up thinking seriously the whole time.

Give it a chance. You might love it. I did. Neil pulled the maximum out of this story and made it unforgettable as District 9 was.

How ever, my stomach turns upside down when i see the Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes score, these pathetic sites and their brainless people called themselves "critics" live amongst us with their nonsense and empty headed, braintumored criticism - sure, this movie has no Beverly Hills and it's "amazing" crowd, no lemonade punch as story, no muscle cars and no muscle people, no worldwide threat to the USA and such.

It has something else to say and this is the core of this amazing movie. Afterall, Chappie has Everything that needs for a unique and must-see movie, sure, it is a target for all those disgusting critics who expect the everyday boring lemonade with everyday boring actors and actress.

Shame on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, you guys are not more, than just rotten and brainless second level scribblers.

Felt like leaving the theater for this one. It started off nicely, with a hugely successful robot task force with moderate A.

Then for some reason funding gets cut and the head developer decides to go rogue and install his untested super A.

Hard to swallow plot 1: The robots can only be reprogrammed in the presence of a unique key USB disk. The developer just picks it up and takes it home, spends several days with it, and no one bats an eye.

But miraculously he learns the English language in a couple of days of exchanging a few sentences with his "parents". No worries of him alerting the authorities or his companies' own robot army.

Which he doesn't, inexplicably. He knows shooting someone kills them but is convinced that knifing "just makes them sleep".

Which obviously results in almost getting killed. Which is going to die in a few hours anyway. And not in any effective way I might add, he just decides to become a sitting duck for some reason.

And absolutely no one, except for the protagonist and the antagonist, are able to go to the command console and sort things out. In fact it just remains abandoned in all other times.

With some banged up laptop too. There's just frantic panic and cowboy stunts. There's more but you get the picture.

To me the movie was painful to watch. Every character seemed to be shouting all the time and have complete disregard for logic.

It was a dumb movie. The one nice thing that temporarily took the pain away was the warm feeling you get when you realize the robot is able to sacrifice his own life for the survival of a human.

So, 2 minutes out of This is a great movie definitely in the style of Niell Blomkamp. However, some people might consider this a fault, as Elysium was a little off the mark.

What is great about the movie is its style. They really went all out with Yolandi and Ninja the main characters part of the musical group Die Antwoord.

Hugh Jackman is pretty hilarious as a bloodthirsty war vet, selling his role pretty well. The technology in this movie is fantastic, as usual coming from Blomkamp, leaving plenty of ideas for the imagination to wonder about for the future.

Of course, Chappie really makes this movie; taking something so technical and robotic, making it human in action. He really gets the feels going.

I haven't laughed like that in a movie theater in a long time. Add to that the oddness of the characters influencing the development of Chappie, this movie is gangster.

I believe this movie only solidifies my concrete statement that 21st century is an age of pointless cinema.

Most of the plot in Chappie either fails to follow common human logic, or completely breaks it. This is a modern trend of over- dramatizing the events by making "shit happen" in the literal meaning of this phrase.

It all starts in a not-too distant future with an international corporation, based in SAR, which solved the problem of rising crime wave by introducing almost all-robotic police force.

Then few things just happen: The lead researcher makes a breakthrough in AI development and asks company CEO to give him a broken robot for experiments.

She "politely" refuses and desperate doc risks his impressive paycheck and reputation by stealing this piece of junk off the scrapyard.

The rival former-military engineer fails to sell his combat machine which for some reason looks like robot-chicken from robocop and after another budget cut risks his not-so-impressive paycheck, but more solid reputation as pioneer in neural interfaces, to sabotage the whole "scout" operation and start a nationwide crime spree A local gang with looks of early 90s inspired cyberpunk movies get into conflict situation with another dude.

In order to solve this problem they need to find They bust the doctor, while he was driving a van with a stolen robot.

After successful installation of new software they get a semi-intelligent gansta-ninja robot filled with curiosity, deep understanding of neural interfaces and human consciousness, but lacking the basic knowledge of trauma, pain and death even with internet connection.

The end result: all robots are broken, everyone is dead. After lots of shooting and the final boss battle Chappie revives the doctor and his mama as robots.

Credits start rolling, so are my strained eyes Everything else sucks. All the aspects of the movie that fans claim to be unique and innovative have been meticulously copied from many other even recent sci-fi titles with no sign of shame or remorse.

HaveWisdomWillTravel 8 March Some I hate Her, A. This one, I love. I didn't have an opinion about Neill Blomkamp. Didn't even know Hugh Jackman is in this movie so it was a pleasant surprise.

I was emotionally moved and entertained. Can't believe I cared about a clunky metalic wire-ly robot, haven't since the far-cuter Wall-E anyway.

Dev Pattel is well cast, did the role total justice. Sigourney did her part with just the right note.

Hugh succeeded in compressing his bigger-than-life self into an unglamorous even unflattering thug-in-cubicle-job role. Very noble of him, lending his superstar weight to this project.

BirdMan how a real-life hero gracefully bow out of superhero phase of his film role In spite of the tension from start to end, people burst out laughing A LOT throughout.

There were lots of humor, but nothing contrived, just Grade AAA seamless storytelling. And if the key characters act crazy, it is explained why, without being captain obvious.

Zero complaint there. My only beef is as usual the theological stuff but I will not trash something this brilliant because it doesn't agree with my spiritual viewpoint.

We both anticipated the critics will be hateful with this one because it features a non-American director and 2 non-American male leads!

But we didn't expect the shamelessness level. There are some really tightly-wound-up, bitter ANALysts in the mainstream "art" critic scene, who have forgotten how to feel sentient, and lost touch with everything, obviously.

Anyway, go watch it, just for entertainment. If you happen to be moved then it is a bonus. It will prove that you have a heart, and more sentient than the average Borgs who's tied into "networked group mind" opinions.

Meanwhile I totally look forward to a sequel. Chappie is exuberant, playful, funny and perhaps one of the most human characters to grace the screen in years.

He's an unwilling action hero that one can both identify with and admire. His story is gripping and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Unfortunately some of Chappie's brilliance comes at the expense of the world around him. Chappie is soaked in the Blomkamp style and while that style was new and fresh with District 9, its unreasonable to expect a director's primary product to be novelty.

Overall it's a good movie, certainly more interesting than most of the box-office-safe fare out that's been out there. I found the movie highly entertaining and thought-provoking, funny and distressing at the same time.

All you can hope for is that they'll find their real self before it's too late I usually don't like violent movies, or films about gangsters, druggies, and such.

This has all these components in it - however, it was very clear to me, that I would never, ever want to live in a world as depicted there.

Not like most other movies with these topics, where that attitude towards life is idolized and glorified Never mind what the critics say, watch it yourself - what have you got to loose?

I think, these 2 hours will be much better spent there, than watching any mainstream TV I liked District 9 and Elysium, so I was really looking forward to Chappie, especially for the special effects that I'd seen in those previous films.

I felt like Chappie needed to be at least another hour longer to convey the director's message properly. There are way too many holes in the story to lead to such a thought-provoking ending.

I'll say there was sufficient delivery on the special effects, but the story was not extensive enough.

One - there's no explanation as to why "Ninja" and his mates owe some master criminal millions of dollars; two - one minute Chappie's being bullied by thugs and the next we're to expect they're loving foster parents; and three - why would transferring one's "consciousness" to another being also carry their voice and accent over?

The trailer of the movie talks about the black sheep, that is being different, So I would say this one was the black sheep in the world of sci-fi movies.

The story of a robot, which is being depicted in unbiased manner not robot-as-a-monster or robot-as-an-angel movie is quiet refreshing.

The robot Chappie not just marvels you but make you emotional at times. So be prepared to get your eyes drenched at times. I think these are some of those moments when you feel this is not a sci-fi or action stereotype, but that is what makes it wonderful.

Action cuts are great very less of them , actor have done wonderful job especially the lady who acts as Chappies "mommie" Loved it.

Don't do on critic reviews, I have no idea why this movie is bashed so much. The big problem with this movie is that none of the characters are likable.

I don't know if this was supposed to come off as heartwarming, but it's just stupid and corny as hell.

I kept hoping they would die the entire movie. Chappie himself is like an annoying little kid who does stupid things and lacks common sense.

The worst part is the accent. I don't know if that's how real South Africans talk, but it just did not fit a robot at all and was really obnoxious to listen to.

It was like the movie tried too hard to be cool. Combine all this with a plot that is nonsense. For example: Chappie's maker is like the next Steve Jobs, yet he works in a cubicle in what resembles a run down warehouse.

The computers look like they came from the 80's, complete with DOS. Did South Africa not get Windows?

The gangsters let Chappie's maker go free repeatedly for no apparent reason when he could obviously have gone to the police at any point.

Are these the dumbest criminals in the world? These are just a few examples of the idiotic script. Another thing is people keep mentioning how great the director is.

I honestly don't care what he directed in the past.

Und Chappie lernt nicht nur ihre Go here schneller, als Deon lieb ist. Chappie Trailer 2 DF. Es wird rtl2 program getötet, gequält, man sieht viel Blut, einer wird sogar zerquetscht und in zwei teile zerrissen. Neu ab 6. Yolandi Visser. District 9 .de hd filme Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Hier bin ich überrascht, positiv allerdings: link diesem Film hatte ich eigentlich nur Häme und kritisches gehört. Chappie Trailer OV. Die Besten Science Fiction-Filme. JГјrgen wussow Lee - Arthaus Close-Up. Snow Cake. Red Lights.