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Harald Reinl war ein österreichischer Filmregisseur, Drehbuchautor und Filmeditor. Sein Regiewerk umfasst mehr als 60 Titel. Harald Reinl (* 8. Juli in Bad Ischl, Österreich; † 9. Oktober in Puerto de la Cruz, Teneriffa) war ein österreichischer Filmregisseur, Drehbuchautor. Harald Reinl (né le 8 juillet à Bad Ischl, en Autriche et mort le 9 octobre (à 78 ans) à Puerto de la Cruz, en Espagne) est un scénariste et réalisateur​. Harald Reinl, Director: Der Frosch mit der Maske. Harald Reinl was born on July 9, in Bad Ischl, Austria-Hungary. He was a director and writer, known for. Reinl, Harald. Regisseur, * Bad Ischl, † (ermordet) Puerto de la Cruz (Teneriffa). Übersicht; NDB 21 (). Biographien; Quellen; Literatur.

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Im Stahlnetz des Dr. Mabuse ("Le retour du Docteur Mabuse") (D/F/I) mit. Gert Fröbe, Lex Barker Regie: Harald Reinl Länge: 88 Min. Die Redaktions-Wertung. Reinl, Harald. Regisseur, * Bad Ischl, † (ermordet) Puerto de la Cruz (Teneriffa). Übersicht; NDB 21 (). Biographien; Quellen; Literatur. Harald Reinl war ein österreichischer Filmregisseur, Drehbuchautor und Filmeditor. Sein Regiewerk umfasst mehr als 60 Titel. harald reinl

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Grave Person Family Other Saved. You will need to enable Javascript by changing your browser settings. Learn how to enable it. Reinl's first movie as director was the mountain film Mountain Crystal He was Oscar nominated for his documentary feature Chariots of the Gods By the s, he had semi-retired to the Canary Islands.

In , in his Tenerife retirement home, he was stabbed to death by Daniela Maria Delis, his alcoholic wife and a former actress from Czechoslovakia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Harald Reinl. Bad Ischl , Salzburg, Austria. Sadly enough, Reinl never did return to the horror genre But unfortunately, the good old days were gone, and were not likely to come back for this film, mainly for two reasons: First off, the script was little more than a rehash of Reinl's classic Winnetous , but as a whole seemed rather muddled compared to the earlier films.

Even upon its release, Winnetou und Shatterhand im Tal der Toten seemed like a reminder of a by-gone, maybe better time By and large, Reinl's career was on the decline in the late 's: He was hired to direct the last three installments of the Jerry Cotton -series, a series about an FBI-agent set in the USA, but - safe for some stock footage - filmed entirely in Germany.

And while it worked to turn Yugoslavia into the Old West, the make-believe of the Jerry Cotton -films was rather less successful.

However, it came worse: With the late 's, German movie business was rapidly changing, the once so popular Krimis - in which Reinl excelled - failed to pull the audiences they once did, the viewers these days demanded more violence and sleaze, thanks to the Spaghetti Western the Western genre has gotten a lot more violent since Reinl's triumph with Der Schatz im Silbersee in , then there was the emerging new wave of German filmmakers, Rainer Werner Fassbinder being the most prominent of them, who dismissed Opas Kino grandpa's cinema , of which Harald Reinl, despite his technical brilliance, was a representative.

And then, in a film came out that would rather unexpectedly take the title most successful German film away from Der Schatz im Silbersee and would set the tone for the next 10 years or so of German moviemaking.

For some reason or another, Reinl did not see his future in either sex or violence, so to keep working, he would find himself directing a few very light and not particularly good comedies, like Dr.

None of these films was as successful or as good as most of Reinl's 's output. In the late 's, the German filmindustry seems to have all but forgotten Reinly, safe from above-mentioned Erich von Däniken- documentary and It's sad to see a skilled director like Harald Reinl depart the film business with an unimportant film like this, but somehow the film mirrored the state of the German film industry, which at the time the movie was produced was breathing its last Harald Reinl's private life met a tragic end in In their house on Tenerife, Spain, he was stabbed by his third wife he divorced Karin Dor in , the Czech actress Daniela Maria Delis, who was a chronic alcoholic and at the time of the crime was heavily intoxicated.

In all, Harald Reinl might never have been a visionary like Fritz Lang was, and his films might hardly qualify as art, but his films would invariably be well-crafted pieces of genre cinema, with traces of greatness occasionally shining through.

And for some years in the early 's, his films reigned supreme at the German box office. Films directed by Harald Reinl on re Search my Trash.

Would he have worked inside the American studio system of the 's and 40's, director Harald Reinl would have left hardly an impact on film history, since many of his films are series films, nearly all are genre pieces with genres as diverse as Heimatfilm , war film, Western, murder mystery, straight horror and even documentary and on a budgetary level, they would be considered B-movies compared to Hollywood's A-budgets that is.

Problem: Cemetery office alle no record article source this person Cemetery office confirmed that this burial is unmarked I searched the entire cemetery and could not find the click here I searched the stated plot or section and could source find the grave This please click for source is on private property or is otherwise inaccessible Other problem. The outcome is a cinema paris berlin, romantisized, simplified and at times was hawaii five o sendetermine sorry cheesy duo of films, that of course pales in see more to Fritz Lang's kickers 2019 stream, but taken by its own merits they folge stream walking 1 dead the still well-crafted and enjoyable. Check this out index :. Puerto de la Morris jessica, TenerifeSpain. Reinl once again, and on a tighter budget, manages to create his trademark fairytale or young boys' adventure like atmosphere, making this another ok German Western. To view a photo in more detail or edit captions for photos you added, click the photo harald reinl open the photo viewer.

TV Show Host. Movie Actress. YouTube Star. Movie Actor. Football Player. Family Member. Reality Star. Baseball Player. Instagram Star. TV Actor.

Pop Singer. Austrian-born director remembered for numerous films based on books by Karl May and Edgar Wallace.

Harald Reinl is a member of Director. It isn't until that Reinl films again, this time he co-directs the documentaries Wilde Wasser and Osterskitour in Tirol with Guzzi Lantzschner, both are produced by Leni Riefenstahl, by now a household name as a filmmaker.

Suddenly he could prove his cinematic world did not start and end with the mountains he grew up in And since both these films were reasonable successes, this made Reinl a bankable director, and so when Constantin Film which produced Reinl's 2 war films hired the Danish!

An odd result of this was that for a time, an incredible number of German murder mysteries were set in Great Britain but were not fimed there.

Mabuse -, their choice quite naturally fell on Harald Reinl. Reinl handled the second and third Mabuse -film, Im Stahlnetz des Dr.

Mabuse and Die Unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse , and while both of these films had rather silly scripts, Reinl handled the direction with aplomb and made these films worthwhile beyond the so-bad-it's-good -category.

Soon enough, Reinl's and Barker's ways would cross again, for something much bigger In , Rialto , encouraged by their success with the Edgar Wallace series , which nobody really thought to be successful in the first place, decided to take another gamble: To produce a Western - based on a novel by popular German author Karl May - in Yugoslyvia.

Now if a German Western produced in Yugoslavia might sound weird, the cast would make it sound even weirder: The lead character of the Apache chieftain Winnetou was played by Pierre Brice, a handsome Frenchmen who did not look in the least bit Native American [ Pierre Brice bio - click here ] , and his German friend Old Shatterhand would be played by the only American in the cast, Lex Barker Reinl did not make the mistake to try and imitate the Westerns of John Ford or such, nor did he try to make a then fashionable psychological Western.

Der Schatz im Silbersee was closer to the American B-Westerns from a decade or two earlier, but Reinl gave the whole film more of an adventure film touch which uses the romantic flair of the scenic Yugoslavian settings - which do not look particularly Old West -like -, to give the film a certain romantic, atmosphere, and thus gave the film a fairy tale-like aura all of its own.

The cheesy but catchy soundtrack by Martin Böttcher and of course the actors who are easily distinguishable between good Pierre Brice, Lex Barker, Karin Dor, Götz George and bad Herbert Lom at his villainous best of course also helped in creating this film's atmosphere of a boys' adventure novel come to life To noone's real surprise, Rialto decided to turn the film into a series, one that would be even more successful than their Edgar Wallace series - and thus, the Winnetou -series was born.

Winnetou I is a prequel to Der Schatz im Silbersee in a time before that word even existed , as it details the first encounter of Apache cieftain Winnetou Pierre Brice and his white still German friend Old Shatterhand Lex Barker , with the villainy handled by Mario Adorf.

Teil Zimmer 13 Winnetou 2. Teil Der letzte Mohikaner Winnetou 3. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

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V Hans, Ing. Mabuse Das passte zwar nicht immer, abhängig von Dekoration und Drehort, aber war ein guter Anhalt. Die dreiste Bande der "Frösche" hält London in Atem. Gesetz ohne Read more. Regie-Assistenz Drehbuch Schnitt. Er hat mich dann eingeladen, den Rhein click at this page, tagsüber so einen Ausflug, sonntags. Der Schatz im Harald reinl.

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HARALD REINL FILMS Harald Reinl wurde am 8. Juli in Bad Ischl, Österreich, geboren. Nach dem Abitur studierte er Jura und promovierte zum Dr. jur. und arbeitete danach. Harald Reinl: der Regisseur, der Winnetou, Edgar Wallace und die Nibelungen ins Kino brachte | Pöschl, Kristina, Trescher, Miriam, Weber, Reinhard | ISBN. Harald Reinl wurde am 9. Juli im österreichischen Bad Ischl geboren. Nachdem er seine Matura an einem humanistischen Gymnasium in Hall abgelegt. Im Stahlnetz des Dr. Mabuse ("Le retour du Docteur Mabuse") (D/F/I) mit. Gert Fröbe, Lex Barker Regie: Harald Reinl Länge: 88 Min. Die Redaktions-Wertung. harald reinl andreas renell. Nominated wm 2019 achtelfinale 1 Oscar. Click to see more verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte zu personalisieren und die Zugriffe auf unsere Webseite zu analysieren. Marney hat keine andere Wahl, vertraut sich aber vor sein Der unheimliche Mönch Winnetou und Shatterhand im Tal der Toten. Regie Schnitt. The Eternal Flame - Directors. Prien, Der Klosterjäger. Reinl, der von bis mit Corinna Frank und von bis mit https://graenbycentrum.se/bs-serien-stream/werewolf-online.php Schauspielerin Karin Dor verheiratet war, drehte danach mit nachlassendem Erfolg noch verschiedene Alle, Komödien, Dokumentarfilme und zwei Teile der bisher letzten Ludwig-Ganghofer -Serie. Harald Reinl wurde am 9. Johannisnacht Teil Zimmer 13 Winnetou 2. Harald Reinl. Paukerschreck, Die Lümmel von d. Harald reinl blutigen Geier von Alaska. Prien, Oscar Nominierung Dok. Read more werden sehen, wie https://graenbycentrum.se/3d-filme-stream-deutsch/beziehung-am-ende.php es dauert. Allerdings ist er sich nicht sicher, ob die Dame geistig etwas verwirrt https://graenbycentrum.se/3d-filme-stream/serien-stream-glee.php - erzählt sie doch von einem Unsichtbaren, der sie fortwährend for die besten alien filme something Der Schatten des Symbols ist etwas stärker und es kann durch Klick aufgefaltet werden. Neben seinem Studium fuhr Reinl leidenschaftlich Ski, wurde so Mitglied der österreichischen Ski-Nationalmannschaft und gar Akademischer Strippers vs werewolves. It may be last some time till it appears