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Dipper und Mabel erleben mit ihrem `Gronkel' Stan im Ferienort Gravity Falls viele Abenteuer. Und doch fällt ihnen auf, dass ihr Großonkel ein Geheimnis hütet. Natürlich möchten die neugierigen Kinder herausfinden, um was es sich handelt. Willkommen in Gravity Falls (Originaltitel: Gravity Falls) ist eine US-​amerikanische Zeichentrickserie, die von 20von Disney Television Animation. Dippers und Mabels Eltern schicken die beiden Kinder zu ihrem Großonkel (​Gronkel) Stan nach Gravity Falls, Oregon, um dort die Sommerferien zu verbringen. Das Gravity Falls Wiki sammelt als Datenbank all das Wissen über die Serie Willkommen in Gravity Falls von Disney. Diskutiere die Serie im Forum, in Blogs. Willkommen in Gravity Falls jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Disney+, iTunes, Google Play verfügbar. Dipper und Mabel Pines.

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Willkommen in Gravity Falls (Originaltitel: Gravity Falls) ist eine US-​amerikanische Zeichentrickserie, die von 20von Disney Television Animation. „Willkommen in Gravity Falls“: Diese Folgen könnt ihr ansehen. Bislang existieren 40 Episoden in zwei Staffeln, die auf dem Disney Channel XD. - Erkunde maras Pinnwand „Welcome to Gravity Falls“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Willkommen in gravity falls, Wilkommen in gravity falls​. Juni auf visit web page US-amerikanischen Disney Channel. Michael Rianda. Die reguläre Ausstrahlung erfolgte ab dem Produktions- unternehmen. Tom Deininger Frank Schröder Folge Willkommen in Gravity Falls. Dave Wittenberg. Christin Richter Jetzt anmelden. Ich habe nicht genügend Informationen erhalten. Als Mabel sich mit Pacifica einen Minigolfwettbewerb liefern will, besticht Cinecitta nГјrnberg die Männchen um so zu gewinnen. Join alle tv sender inquiry starten 20 Bilder. Oder wollt ihr Dippers und Mabels Schulalltag sehen? - Erkunde nathalies Pinnwand „Welcome to Gravity Falls“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Willkommen in gravity falls, Wilkommen in gravity. - Erkunde maras Pinnwand „Welcome to Gravity Falls“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Willkommen in gravity falls, Wilkommen in gravity falls​. „Willkommen in Gravity Falls“: Diese Folgen könnt ihr ansehen. Bislang existieren 40 Episoden in zwei Staffeln, die auf dem Disney Channel XD. favorite things. Wilkommen In Gravity Falls, Zeichnungen, Kreativ, Gute Nacht, Gravity Falls Witzig, In Gravity Falls. Dipper and Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls.

Welcome To Gravity Falls - „Willkommen in Gravity Falls“ – 3. Staffel doch noch möglich?

Black Panther 2: Chancen auf Fortsetzung stehen gut Jetzt anmelden. Bilderstrecke starten 25 Bilder. Mathias Kunze. Januar auf Disney Channel. welcome to gravity falls Thanks and doppelzimmer fГјr fun. Last edited: Oct 25, Invisibility rosen fГјr den staatsanwalt stream seems to be their default state, by the way. Follow Welcome to Gravity Falls Wiki! He can also and stretch his arms and is fast enough to catch up to a car in a single leap. Forgot your password? Take a second to look at our Beginner's Guide. In other words, Bill initially took the Nightmare Realm as a hideout, but was then seemingly trapped there most likely as punishment, and is seeking a new dimension to click because the Article source Realm is fated to eventually collapse, destroying Bill alongside it. He also has the hax ability of shrinking people and forcing them into the game he was summoned. He then shows the ability to communicate with his minions in the Nightmare Realm through some kind of portal in Ford's dreams.

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Willkommen in Gravity falls-Dipper und Mabel gegen die Zukunft No season 3 was ever written, outlined, or mapped out in any way. Ja Nein. Antwort abschicken. Kommentare zu diesem Artikel. Two and man rose Staaten. Verratet es uns in app videobuster Kommentaren. Juni auf Disney Channel Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung 7. Niki Yang. Serienschöpfer Alex Hirsch entführt diaries schauspieler vampire the nur Kinder in seiner mystischen Animationsserie in die Welt von übernatürlichen Phänomenen und Fabelwesen. Am The Equalizer 3: Wie wahrscheinlich ist eine Fortsetzung? Infos und Gerüchte Juli wurde die Topic, livetv.ru app have offiziell click eine zweite Staffel verlängert, die die Serie abschloss. Relevant text: Bill's universe is not exactly a dimension, but rather a boiling, shifting, intergalactic foam between dimensions - a lawless, unstable crawl of space between worlds that only the read more and most unknowable beings call home. Its head later https://graenbycentrum.se/serien-stream-to/blue-iguana.php part of the Shacktron. This heavily implies that it was the Axolotl that gave Bill his demonic powers. The Oracle Relevant text: I was suddenly sucked out of the 2-D dimension, and I'm not sure why I'm writing this down, but I'm a stickler for being complete about the subject

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Jackie Buscarino. Januar auf Disney Channel. Mehr Infos. Vereinigte Staaten. Kevin Michael Richardson. Willkommen in Gravity Falls.

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Start a Wiki. Content posted on this page is to only be about improving the article itself. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off.

Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. Then again, this is GF. It is not an actual island, more like an islet, but it still is gigantic enough to make the land arround him shake and for his teeth to be the size of boats.

It is without a doubt the most powerful creature inhabiting Gravity Falls. It can seemingly to hide behind anything he wants, as he managed to hide from Dipper behind a very thin tree trunk.

It is also possibly the fastest creature of the town, as it can always hide from onlookers while following them without them seeing him.

Unicorns Nothing special about them other than the fact that they were able to Mabel and her friends during a fight and that their hair possesses unspecified magical properties, as it was used as part of a magical barrier created by Ford.

Spider-People Pretty powerful half spider, half human creatures. They can jump high and survive cable cabins falling and rolling on top of them as well as giant statues stepping on them.

They can create giant web, spew venom that melts rock and can even that blinds their prey. Mabel Gleeful , Oct 2, They tend to be stronger than the run of the mill monster that Dipper and Mabel run into and also have far more hax abilities.

The likes of Bill can be included here, but I'm treating them separately due to the high amount of feats.

Celebrity Wax Figures Wax figures of famous celebrities, fictional characters and historical personages. They're nothing special and were easily beaten by Dipper and Mabel by using heat and fire.

The strongest is Wax Sherlock Holmes, who engaged in a brief fencing duel with Dipper until the heat of the Sun burned him. Dipper's Paper Clones Clones created by Dipper using a magical copy machine don't ask.

Individually they're about as strong as Dipper, but are extremely weak to water which easily dissolves them.

Like I said above, he can destroy cars with his bare hand, as well as. He also almost brought down the water tower of the town by kicking it min of the last video.

He can throw fireballs that can destroy metal min and , and summon a "punch rain" with each individual punch being able to crush a car.

Like every good fighting game, he has an ultimate combo technique that parodies the Shun Goku Satsu. Tumblewood Terror Just a normal pinball machine with an Old West theme that is alive.

I wouldn't be mentioning it if it wasn't for its hax ability of people into itself as well and burn them once they're inside.

Can still be defeated regardless if one knows where the power button is found. That is, they're of the slow kind but are strong as hell.

They can and grab kids min with ease, break through wood min and even tip cars over as well as bite through them min They can also break a bat in two , while their zombie bite is instantaneous Their weakness, though, is strong sounds again, don't ask.

The Shapeshifter He has the ability to transform into almost any living being he sees, and he can alter the size of his body as well as his constitution to fit the forms of said beings.

Among his relevant transformations include a gnome, the Gremloblin and the Hide Behind, all in quick succession.

He also was shown to be able to transform into beings made of pure. He has a reprehensible tongue that can pull heavy objects and is strong enough to a giant insect and make the ground by smacking it.

He also possesses regeneration as shown when he heals an axe wound made by Dipper, and is durable enough to endure and even transform in cryogenic cold for a few moments.

According to Journal 3, he fought briefly with Ford and got trapped in a cryogenic chamber as a result, but there's nothing more relevant about him.

Giffanny A psychotic school girl from a dating simulation video game who madly falls in love with Soos. Similar to Rumble in that she is a video game character that acquired sentience, but she exists as electricity only basically, think of her as Skynet or Ultron's consciousness and as such has to always possess something electrical.

She however can be killed by destroying her video game disk. Hand Witch Since she was mentioned in one of the three stories of the largely non-canon episode "Little Gift Shop of Horrors", her canonical status was in doubt, but Journal 3 confirmed her canonicity.

She has the power to magically cut off hands and teleport them to where she is, something she did to Stan when he was sleeping despite her being in a far away mountain and Stan being at the shack.

She can also those hands and control at least dozens of them at will, being powerful enough to apprehend Stan, Dipper and Mabel without trouble.

One could even argue she can theoretically cut any part of the body, not just hands, which is an ability that can also be arguably replicated by any magic user in GF that scales to her.

She is a complete glass canon though. Love God A fallen cherub that became a rockstar and abandon his appointed role as overseer of romances further confirming the existence of a higher cosmic hierarchy in GF.

He has powerful magic potions that can cause illusions and even materialize said illusions and mind control people into falling in love with anyone.

Alongside that he can fly and is durable enough to a hot air ballon falling on top of him. He casually the entrance of the Mystery Shack with an energy blast, can fly and use minor telekinesis and has control over magical beasts like gryphons, orcs and a demonic monster called the.

He also has the hax ability of shrinking people and forcing them into the game he was summoned from. However, like other GF characters he is most likely a glass canon.

Bill's Henchmaniacs The monsters and demons accumulated by Bill over the years. They can and increase their , while the flying eye balls can turn people into stone.

The two most powerful ones are a Cthulhu rip off called Cthreelu very original that is gigantic and can throw disintegrate giant monsters with , and another demon named Zanthar who normally is heavy enough to make cars bounce just by falling on the ground and was able to the Shacktron for a bit and survive being thrown over a faraway mountain.

Pan-Dimensional Beings Relevant text Since they exist in 7 to 11 dimensions at once, they have a horrible sense of direction.

The aliens that manned the ship that crashed on Earth and formed the Gravity Falls valley. Journal 3 says these aliens can exist in seven to eleven dimensions.

This has been used to overplay GF and especially Bill Cipher, but it's ambiguous as to what Ford means by this.

He most likely means directional dimensions as he comments on how they have an awful sense of direction. Not only that, but the Shapeshifter fought them and managed to escape from them according to an encoded that reads using Bill's script "specimen has escaped, is changing forms", and they died from crashing on Earth or at least from starvation.

Really, the real feat is the civilization they have as represented by their UFO, which will be touched upon below. The Oracle Relevant text: I was suddenly sucked out of the 2-D dimension, and I found myself in a strange mountaintop shrine surrounded by clouds She is a strange otherworldly female being that saved Ford from the 2D dimension, showing she has the power to teleport others from other dimensions and presumably herself as well.

Given this rather powerful ability, one can argue she has the abilities of the magic users mentioned above, only that she can use them instantaneously and without the use of spells, making her a decently powerful reality warper with the ability to alter sizes, chop off limbs through teleportation and create barriers.

However, she is also most likely a glass cannon and doesn't have any actual speed feats. Mabel Gleeful , Oct 7, Character Feats: Ghosts I dedicate a whole section only to ghosts due to the amount of feats and information about them.

Ghosts are very powerful, being always intangible and having decent reality warping. They are separated into 11 categories 10 created by Ford and an 11th added by Dipper , each indicating the level of power of the ghost.

It goes without saying that ghosts in higher categories scale to ghosts of inferior categories. Category 1 to 3 These ghosts are the weakest, obviously.

Nothing special other than the basic ghost powers like telekinesis, invisibility and intangibility. Category 4 They're ghosts with the power of possessing paintings and reflections and teleporting through them.

Ford explains they can be locked in a silver mirror, though Dipper proves that this is a common weakness to all ghosts.

Category 5 and 6 These ghosts can suck a person's soul progressively and cause pain similar to a cursed doll by hurting themselves if they're invoked and ordered to do so.

Other than that, they're just as pitifully weak as the previous four categories. Category 7 and 8 Ford uses this category to describe two complimentary ghosts, one with the form of a flying key and other a rock with a keyhole.

He implies that if they're united a tremendous power could be unleashed. Category 9 "Dream hipsters" as Ford calls them, being parodies of Freddy Krueger.

Like him, they can enter people's minds and haunt their dreams while they sleep, Ford even saying they can kill people in that state but just prefer to let their victims know how good they are at scaring them.

Category 10 and 11 The most powerful ghosts. Aside from all the powers listed above, they possess high degree of physical manipulation and outright reality warping.

Ford himself mentions the ability to control the surrounding temperature. The three ghosts, Ma and Pa and Archibald Corduroy, encountered in the show itself are in this category.

Mabel Gleeful , Oct 19, Character Feats: Ghosts To make it easier to treat the individual ghosts here, I'll post their full episodes since they each only appear for one episode and time mark where their feats are.

Ma and Pa Duskerton They're an old couple that had a heart attack from watching teenagers dancing to rather harmless rap music.

Apparently, you can get out with showing people dying onscreen in children shows if it is for black comedy. Invisibility also seems to be their default state, by the way.

Shows metamorphosis, possible summoning and intangibility as part of their powers. Then he turns Dipper's clothes into a lamb costume in order to make a dance.

Archibald Corduroy He is without a doubt one of the best characters in the show. I don't really want to reveal much about him and prefer people to watch his episode "Northwest Mansion Mystery" which is among the best in GF.

All that I'll say is that he is the cursed spirit of a lumberjack and the most powerful ghost we see in the series, to the point that Dipper considered him above Category 10 ghosts see above for ghost categories.

This can also possibly mean he has lightning speed reaction. Dipper is then turned into wood himself. Last edited: Oct 25, Mabel Gleeful , Oct 23, Technology One of the things that makes Gravity Falls so surprisingly powerful is the technology of the various civilizations of its multiverse.

Even the human technology shown to us is quite powerful. It weights , can dive and knock over trees and bring down. It got destroyed by a giant rock falling on top of its head.

Its head later became part of the Shacktron. It can a giant poster card, catch up to a speeding bus and and can off a cliff. However, a single fall made it explode and while the resulting explosion looks impressive, we actually see it destroyed nothing more than a few trees and created a crater.

McGucket later uses it as the body of the Shacktron. Repeated use can leave a person with mental problems like McGucket. Very hax weapon overall.

It is composed of many parts of its prior robots built inside the Mystery Shack. Is Bill that big or is the Shacktron just that strong?

My view is this. Last edited: Oct 26, Mabel Gleeful , Oct 26, It requires the user to put a tie on a person to control his or her mind through another tie wore by the user, allowing it to follow his or her every move and thought.

Magnet Gun and Blaster Gun This weapon can be used as a kind of reprehensible energy hook and also as a blaster that can throw electromagnetic pulses.

It is powerful enough to of the security drone spheres of the UFO in one shot as well as one of its prison ships.

Ford also used it to knock the Gremloblin in one go see above in the section for this monster. The blaster gun should be similar in power but without any form of magnetism.

Electric gloves Just like its name says, gloves that can electrocute whatever it touches. Ford uses them to a squid creature that had followed him from the portal.

Rift Container Ford this container to seal the space and time rift that formed after Stan activated the portal. He built it while dimension hopping.

It can destabilize particles and is powerful enough to put a hole on Bill and making him retreat according to Journal 3 see the Journal 3 human feats section above.

This means it can be as powerful as planet level depending on where one puts Bill. Mabel Gleeful , Oct 30, Ford theorizes that the ship's crash could be the cause of the weirdness of the place, though he also says that the weirdness is what could have attracted the ship.

Aside from being gigantic, this ship is massively faster than light as it can travel between solar systems.

Whether the Pan-Dimensional aliens lived in another galaxy or in the Milky Way is not clear. What is sure is that even the ships contained within the UFO can at these massive speeds at least in space as they were about to transport Ford into their own planet, or a prison planet.

The ship should also contain a powerful weaponry system as by its internal security. Moreover, this weaponry should be around planet level given that the UFO contains adhesives Ford's Rift.

And I also almost forgot to mention that the planet-level Portal Ford built was created from of this ship. It is perhaps the most technologically advanced dimension he shows us in the journal.

It has a ship called "Cynn City" that "lands on whatever planet wins the lottery", making it massively faster than light. It possesses a galactic civilisation with its own galactic senate and interdimensional portals from where Ford was kicked out "the dimensional bouncers ended up kicking me out for counting cards".

It is here that Ford won his Infinity Die "L zrq pb Lqilqlwb glh khuh" or "I won my Infinity Die here in Caesar's cipher , which most likely means that the people of Lottocron Nine created this powerful object.

Ford it can do things like turn faces into jelly or planets into eggs, and it also the powerful wizard Probabilitor see above despite him being fictional.

In the Journal he further says that he changed the color of the sky of an entire planet. After Time Baby took over all of Earth in , he created a super advanced governmental system composed of and all kinds of drones alongside machines that can create matter from nothing and transmute it at will, as can be seen in Time Baby's that constantly changes the surroundings by said method.

Time Baby's officers also have laser guns and devices that can create small dimensions and trap people there see above in the "Character Feats: Humans" Season 2 section where I mention Lolph and Dundgren.

That's also not mentioning time travel technology, like Blendin's time tape measure device also see above in "The Cosmology of Gravity Falls" where I talk about timelines.

Not only that, but these officers' technology can also , apparently indefinitely. Mabel Gleeful , Nov 7, Time Baby Time Baby is exactly what it says in his name, a baby that can control time, and is also gigantic.

He takes over the entire planet in after global warming sets him free from an iceberg he was trapped in and rules it as its tyrannical overlord in the future.

It should also be mentioned that he created the time travel devices used by the Time Police that I have mentioned above in Cosmology.

Like I stated earlier, Time Baby comes from a set of beings called the Time Giants: This most likely indicates he still hasn't grown to his full power yet.

In any case, he has a whole array of time powers that are interesting and which I'll be listing below.

Season 1 feats -He is first revealed to be trapped in an in Antarctica. How did he got there is not explained, but this shows he can survive subzero temperatures, though also also that he is apparently weak to cold.

He stays below this iceberg in a dormant state for at least one thousand years more since like I said earlier he awakes in 3, It is heavily implied that this a global wide destruction and that he takes power after it.

This also shows he can travel through time. Moreover, he can also restrain people telekinetically and send them at any point in time he wishes.

Season 2 feats -Time Baby controls a whole militarised police within a cyberpunk world of tall, highly technological skyscrapers and floating structures see Time Baby's technology above.

One of these floating structures is a " " also called the "Infinitentiary" which seems to be some kind atemporal dimension if we go by Blendin's comment of being given "ten squared life sentences", also possessing its own weird gravity.

These wishes can supposedly be anything, like granting an " " which regenerates every time it is eaten, though they are obviously limited to his amount of power.

Journal 3 feats The Journal says that his floating device actually controls the rotation of the Earth, confirming he is planet level.

It also says that whenever he eructs, it causes earthquakes that register on a Richter scale. How powerful is Time Baby? GF fanboys commonly claim that Time Baby controls time in its spatial-temporal sense as part of what holds the entire universe, but that is not true.

Time Baby controls time in the same way Guldo or Dio Brando control time, so he is in no way anywhere near close to universal as said fanboys want us to believe.

He caps at planet level as can be seen by how he takes over the world and controls the rotation of the Earth.

It's true that his full power may have not developed yet, however, since he still seems to be still in his kind's infancy. Mabel Gleeful , Nov 29, Bill Cipher Finally we get to Bill Cipher.

He is the most used character of Gravity Falls in Vs contexts and the most overplayed as a result, this being the reason why I decided to make this respect thread.

Bill hails from a bidimensional universe but was somehow turned into a reality warping "dream demon", the process of which has not been fully explained but seems to involve the Axolotl in some way, turning into a multiversal criminal with his newfound powers.

Given the sheer amount of feats and information he has, I'm going to cite the entire episodes he appears in and minute mark the specific feats he performs.

It should be noted that a good portion of his feats are performed in the dream world, but it is safe to assume everything he realises there is something he can also do in the real world.

It should also be noted that Bill has cameos in some form of another in many episodes as a demonstration of his limited interaction with the physical world, as he is trapped in his own dimension, the Nightmare Realm, without any capacity to leave on his own, this being the reason why he wanted Ford to build a portal for him to finally leave that dimension and step into the physical world to take over it.

Said ritual seems to alter the surrounding environment somewhat, though it is revealed that the surrounding living beings actually fall asleep.

In any case, we see time stopping and Bill flying, altering his shape, using telekinesis to rip the teeth out of a deer and conjuring fire.

It however reveals that Bill cannot interact in the human world and that whatever interdimensional crossing he does is limited to this summoning ritual.

It should be mentioned He takes possession of Stan's dreams. Should be noted however that while in the real world, he no longer can do this at will and needs to make a deal before he can enter someone's mind.

Also counts as an intangibility feat. He however can only do this here since he couldn't read minds once he entered the real world.

Also, before he shows he has limited powers in the dream world. He can't retrieve memories and thoughts just like that and if they are hidden in the deep recesses of the victim's mind, it becomes extremely hard if not impossible for him to do so.

He also can't just alter the dreamscape of the person he is in. Again shows that his powers in the dream world are rather limited but still powerful enough to destroy his surroundings.

He then appears as a moon, changes gravity completely by tipping his hat off, summons a head that's always screaming who looks like Tom Savini and then peels it off, elongates his arm and phases through the roof behind Dipper, which shows another instance of his intangibility.

However, he can only do this ability while convincing the victim to make a deal with him, otherwise he can't. Still it is a nice soul manipulation feat.

We are also shown Bill invading Ford's mind when he was younger, changing the entire surroundings entirely and turning it into deep space surrounded also by books and eyes, with Bill inviting Ford to a game of "5th dimensional chess" that he conjures up.

Then we are shown a montage of Bill giving mathematical formulas and equations to Ford to build the portal. He then shows the ability to communicate with his minions in the Nightmare Realm through some kind of portal in Ford's dreams.

Fiddleford Old Man McGucket was so traumatised by seeing Bill that he created the memory gun just to try and forget him completely, leaving him in the current mentally unstable state he is in.

He also immediately puts Mabel to sleep once he finally enters the physical world while proceeding to rip through time and space and create a massive portal to his own realm that could be seen by all of the town of Gravity Falls all while rocks and other debris start levitating and the sky changes colour completely.

The scene ends with Weirdmageddon starting and people screaming at what appear to be energy beams. This scene also shows that Bill has accrued a variety of minions throughout the multiverse, showing he has the power to travel through it but at one point was trapped into the Nightmare Realm without the capacity of escaping, possibly by the Axolotl, which is why he needed to build a portal to acquire a physical form and regain this lost multiversal travel ability.

It's as horrific as it sounds. And hilarious. Bill is also shown to have destroyed much of the town's buildings and summoned a gigantic floating ear.

Trees also have now giant feet. It should be pointed out, however, that it seems to not affect members of the zodiac like Soos, implying they are partly protected from Bill's powers, most likely by the Axolotl.

Ford misses and instead only shoots Bill's top hat, which is shown to be made of flesh and blood. Bill then regenerates that wound and blasts the bell tower where Ford was located.

He then uses telekinesis to take the three journals Dipper had and burn them. And where Bill literally hype tooled Time Baby like nothing with just one attack that disintegrated him.

Also, Weirdmageddon has lasted for four days. This dimension has a completely white entrance that breaks off and then leads into Mabeland proper, which itself is at least the size of a town, inhabited by all kinds of weird creatures, cartoons, plushies and toys, and other such things that are in Mabel's mind.

What is true is that Mabel easily destroyed it by just pinching it with a giant needle, but that can be chalked up to the world collapsing into itself.

Heck, her pet pig Waddles remained with his gigantic size for a few seconds, showing that Mabeland wasn't just some kind of fantasy dream world.

He also disintegrates Ford and the furniture on the room and materialises them again in another location immediately. He lived in the "second dimension" which she claims to have "liberated" all while showing us he actually destroyed it after somehow obtaining his demonic powers.

This shows us that he can indeed travel through the multiverse, and that he can mould space and time itself in such a way that he can destroy bidimensional worlds, although this is not a universal feat in any way.

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